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Update from the North Cascades

For information on trail work parties and volunteer opportunities, check this forum often. As a PCT enthusiast and volunteer your efforts keep the crown jewel shining!

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Update from the North Cascades

Postby North 350 Blades » Tue Aug 27, 2013 11:41 am

Well, our little PCT volunteer crew has been busy this last month. Working backwards we've done:

- Aug 23-25 we cleared 0.9 miles of brush and did a full tread restoration on another quarter mile of tread, about 3 miles north of Tacoma Pass (Section I, ~Mile 2392.2)
- Aug 17-18 we worked over the better part of 2 miles of trail north out of White Pass / Highway 12 (Section I, Mile 2320) restoring drainage and installing check steps on a couple eroding sections of trail. Also restored an existing set of check steps.
- August 15th (and earlier) we finished up cutting out the last of the winter blow down between Blowout Mtn (Section I, Mile ~2384) and the Wilderness Boundary north of Snoqualmie Pass (Section J, ~Mile 2422)
- We did some brushing near the power line stripes near Stampede Pass (Section I~Mile 2398).
- July 27 cleared Brush and logs north of Stevens Pass / Hwy 2 (Section K~Mile 2483).
- Did tread restoration south of Windy Pass (Section I~Mile 2412)

We have an upcoming project near Deception Pass (Section J, ~Mile 2463). We currently have 8 trail crew signed up to clear brush, blow down and restore tread. We have another project with about a dozen volunteers to work the tread north of Chinook Pass / Highway 410 in mid September. And after that we have another (at least) 5 single day projects to clear brush and restore tread in the north part of Section I near Snoqualmie Pass.

There are volunteer crews working up and down the trail. Consider joining one.
North 350 Blades
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Re: Update from the North Cascades

Postby JimAndDona » Thu Aug 29, 2013 8:40 am

Here is the North350Blades single day workparty schedule going into October:

All of these trips will be off of I-90 Exit 62. Meet up time will be 8:15 am. To sign up email:
Most of the work will be power brushing.

Tuesday Sept 10
Sunday Sept 29
Wednesday Oct 2
Saturday Oct 5
Tuesday Oct 8

These trips are in addition to our week long (9/7-9/14) Hyas Lake project
and the three day (9/13-9/15) Chinook Pass project.
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