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Additional North Cascades Work Done

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Additional North Cascades Work Done

Postby North 350 Blades » Tue Sep 24, 2013 3:54 pm

What a busy month it's been up here in the North Cascades on the PCT. We're up over 2,000 hours for the year, with more days to go.

Our crew did a 7 day project from Sept 7-13 on the PCT near Deception Pass, the Mt. Daniel Ford and Cathedral Rock, in Section J. We cleared a dozen winter blow downs and a bunch of nasty, thick brush. There was a fair amount of tread work as well, once we'd knocked the brush back. On our last working day, we also worked the stock alternate route, as the USFS recommends that stock not try the Mt. Daniel ford. We worked drainage on the Deception Pass trail below the PCT.

Another contingent of the Blades cleared brush and widened tread heading north from the highway crossing at Chinook Pass in Section I on the 13th-15th of September.

There was another day of brushing near Yakima Pass.

WTA has also been hard at work on the PCT. As our crew was gathering to head in on September 7th, a WTA crew was heading out at the same trail head from a week long project working tread issues near Deep Lake in Section J. WTA also has been doing day trips north of Snoqualmie Pass (J, south end), a day south out of Stevens Pass (J, north end) and several days in a couple areas south of Snoqualmie (north parts of Section I) - near Windy Pass / Olallie Meadow and on the switchbacks south of Mirror Lake - 10 days in total in these last couple of spots. WTA also put a couple week long crews on the PCT at Pear Lake in section K and another pair of crews near White Pass (near Glacier Peak) also in Section K.

We have 3 upcoming days - September 29, October 2nd and October 5th, where we'll keep up the Yakima Pass brushing, pushing the limit of clear trail further south to join up with our previous work near the Stirrup Lake trail junction. Once we connect there, its back to the power line stripes south of Stampede Pass and brushing to the north. Of course, since its starting to snow in the higher elevations, that means our work season is approaching the end. We'll go until we can't get to the trail any more....a couple years ago, our last day was November 1st, however given the weather so far, I wonder if we'll make it past mid October.
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