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Well, it's been a while....

For information on trail work parties and volunteer opportunities, check this forum often. As a PCT enthusiast and volunteer your efforts keep the crown jewel shining!

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Well, it's been a while....

Postby North 350 Blades » Sat Nov 30, 2013 12:06 pm

It sure has been a while since we've chimed in on taking care of the trail. The season is done for us up here in the North Cascades - winter is here and we're thinking ahead to next year. All in all, the Blades had a great 2013 maintenance season - no injuries (important, since our first and highest priority is ALWAYS safety), our volunteers had a great time and we accomplished a fair bit. Our volunteers were at White Pass / Highway 12 in the south, Chinook Pass / Highway 410, our usual focus area within 35 miles south of Snoqualmie Pass, we cleared logs and rock fall for a few miles north of Snoqualmie Pass, had a week long near Cathedral Rock / Mt. Daniels / Deception Pass*, and worked north of Stevens Pass / Highway 2 - a span of about 175 trail miles.

* - Here's a write up from a couple of the volunteers on this project: ... s-friends/

Here's something that may be of interest to folks further south: ... ee-service
Charles Williams is a soft-spoken, humble fellow with broad shoulders and strong arms who has, whether we know it or not, done much to make walking miles on the PCT much, much easier. He, along with other volunteers whom he has organized, has cleared trees from the PCT as the trail winds from the majestic Sierra Buttes area through the Feather River drainage to Lassen Volcanic National Park and on to Hat Creek Rim.

Charles and his swampers get a huge kudos for clearing 560(!) trees from the PCT over 140 miles of trail. Way to go!

There's some nice pictures in there, including the removal of a 56" tree, plus Charles with his chainsaw back pack on. Having hauled a large chainsaw many miles on the PCT this season,I can speak from personal experience that this is a physically demanding (yet very rewarding) job.

Not only can folks volunteer out "in the dirt" - there is also a need for office volunteers: ... ail-15141/
Peggy happily helps in the substantial undertaking of mailing thank-you letters to our volunteers and PCT Communicator to our members. She also aids in other day-to-day office tasks, including filing paperwork and organizing archives. Peggy expressed how gratifying it is when she can reference past documents and answer questions about them due to the time she has devoted to this work.

Here's a cool video of a boulder buster in action.
These tools allow a crew to safely break rocks without the use of high explosives.

It's also been heartening to see on the PCT Class of 2013 Facebook page that some thru's, after finishing, have gone one to join a trail crew. ... 5e25a93e83

We hope to see you out on a trail crew in 2014 and beyond. Remember - for those of you looking at a thru in future years, taking care of the trail is a form of self help. The better the tread, the less the brush, the fewer the downed trees, the more enjoyable the hike will be.
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