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Late season in the PNW

For information on trail work parties and volunteer opportunities, check this forum often. As a PCT enthusiast and volunteer your efforts keep the crown jewel shining!

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Late season in the PNW

Postby North 350 Blades » Thu Sep 18, 2014 11:46 am

Here it is mid September already.

Since the last post on Aug 12, the North 350 Blades have been at it pretty hard.

At that time, we had a crew that had just finished a week of tread restoration at Big Crow Basin. The weekend after that, we had a crew out for 4 days between Pyramid Peak and Blowout Mountain (the south edge of the infamous clear cuts near Snoqualmie Pass) working on some badly eroding tread. They fully rebuilt over 1/2 mile of trail, plus did heavy maintenance on another mile. The next weekend our crew rebuilt another 1/4 mile of tread and brushed a 1/2 mile of thick growth. In a series of follow up day trips to the same area, the tread work was extended to 0.7 miles as was the brushing.

The first weekend of September under late summer conditions, our crews were out north of Stevens Pass chatting with thru hikers and working on tread and drainage issues. One crew worked from the Wilderness boundary north of Stevens north to the Smithbrook Trail junction, while the other worked from Smithbrook out to 3/4 a mile beyond Lake Janus. Combined with the late June efforts, that made the total about 10 miles north of Stevens Pass that saw work this year over 8 days.

We have crews heading out on September 20th, 24th and 28th. In addition to these, we'll probably schedule a few more as our volunteer crew leaders are available and weather holds. A few years ago, we had our last day on November 1st.

In addition, our Stewards / Adopters have been getting 'er done as well - over and above the "central" crew. Over 600 hours have been put in by the Stewards on their various pieces of trail, from south of Chinook Pass to north of Hart's Pass.

There are still work parties happening on the trail. Although the season is coming close to an end here in the PNW, it's just getting started down south. There are at least 4 work parties in So Cal the month of October. Get hold of your local trail crew chapter - they have the tools and experienced volunteers to guide you in making a positive difference on the PCT.
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