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Online journal = Inspiration

PostPosted: Wed Jun 13, 2012 2:52 pm
by postholer
A hand written journal garnered with words and images upon pages textured with your own sweat, tears and the fauna around you is as personal as you can get. Each placement of the pen, the personality of every stroke tells a story about the moment that words can not. Not only is your journal a treasure, but a genuine work of art.

...and few will experience it and virtually no one will be inspired by it. Your journal which struggled its way into existence will most likely spend its days tucked away on a bookshelf or stuffed in a shoe box in the closet. At best, a handful of people will read it start to finish.

Inspire people. Polarize them. Push them to act.

A readily available online journal will involve those around you. Curious people will discover your words, your photos, often just seconds after you created them. Many and more will follow with great interest. Some will be forever inspired and still others will act.

A journal that spends its days in a shoebox does not deliver awareness, it does not educate nor does it promote the trail we all hold oh-so-dear.

Regardless of where you keep your online journal, keep one! It's one the most simple, rewarding and productive ways of giving back.