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Superfeet Modification

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Superfeet Modification

Postby Jonnycat5000 » Mon May 09, 2011 5:58 pm

So I have this funny foot of mine which requires the arch support of superfeet, but the heel cup of the superfeet cause my heel to ride too high in my boot, which ends up in a blister.

In order to solve this problem while still retaining the arch support of the superfeet, I modified them.

I removed a section of the underlying hard plastic form, and then sliced off the part of the top lip of the insert by the heel which originally rode above the plastic form.

The final results are shown in the following image:


The only tools required for this modification are a sharpie to mark the cut line, and a razor/utility knife to cut the plastic. The foam part of the insert is attached to the hard plastic with one blob of glue in the rear (you can see the remnants of the glue blob in the image), and working the foam away from the plastic with your fingers for awhile is enough to seperate the two layers. You will want to seperate the rear of the foam insert from the plastic before you start cutting on the plastic, to avoid cutting into the foam insert (duh).

After wearing them for the past few days, they are working well. As an additional bonus, the lowered heel adds a slight amount of arch on the foot, which I am finding is also beneficial.
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