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need light weight tarp that is resistant to abrasion

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need light weight tarp that is resistant to abrasion

Postby Wyethia » Sun Jul 31, 2011 4:29 pm

I pack with burros, but am trying to keep the weight as light as possible to minimize the number of animals. unfortunately, I do have need for extra warmth, and medical supplies keep getting heavier (but at least I can still get to the wilderness!) anyway, I am renovating my traditional pack setup to see if modern materials can be used.

I need a lightweight tarp but it has to be abrasion resistant. Must be able to run ropes over it without ruining waterproofing. A "quiet" fabric would be nice too. The idea is to have a pack cover that is also useful as shelter. must be able to put grommets or buttonholes for ropes in the corners.

Would also appreciate any thoughts on stoves suitable for people with arthritis- I still have strength in my hands but small grasping motions are difficult especially when I'm cold. Currently we're using an old optimus, but it's hard for me to accurately place priming in the cup.

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