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Shoes to last long

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Shoes to last long

Postby Leo » Thu Sep 24, 2015 10:55 am


Out of specific reason I'm looking for hiking shoes that really last long. Main use of the shoes shoud be in dry, rocky desert conditions.
This should be low-cut shoes, not boots. The comfort for hiking, as well as the weight is not main priority.

After searching around a lot I found two options:
- Climbers "Access" shoes, rather lightweight (but expensive) shoes with high rubber bandages, rock climbers are using for access hikes
- Worker shoes, low cut and with lots of rubber/polyurethane sole and bandages - rather heavy, but way cheaper than hiking/climbing shoes.

Any of you ever had similar topic/ideas?
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Re: Shoes to last long

Postby Leo » Tue Dec 15, 2015 12:59 am

Right back from an exhaustive desert trip I'd like to post some experience in the given topic.

I went with the worker shoes.
Bought them extra for this trip some weeks ahead to break them in properly, which was a good idea, given the blisters they gave me and all the taping it needed to avoid this.
The trip went out very fine, the shoes, once used to them, performed just perfect. Good friction even for scrambling and low-grade climbing, and great performance on gravel, scree and really rough terrain.
But after only 4 weeks of hiking the sole started to break on the wear side (profile side), just along the bend of the toe/forefoot, exactly the line of highest material stress when you get down on one knee and by there bending the shoe to the max.
So this went out to be a huge disappointment.
I managed to finish the total 6 weeks of hiking with the shoes just to stay in a stable, if broken condition, but had the gaffa tape handy all time.

BTW, the shoes of all other poeple I met there had some sort of problem, but each a different one.

So the topic starts over again:
Which would be the best shoe to last really long?
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