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Bearikade Expedition attempt... Wild Ideas review

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Bearikade Expedition attempt... Wild Ideas review

Postby AlpineKevin » Tue Jul 05, 2016 3:23 pm

Before my High Sierra trip I decided a week before to go with a Bearikade Expedition over the Ursack. So I placed an order Wednesday night knowing that it would have more than enough time to get from Southern California to Las Vegas by the next Wednesday that I needed it when I was leaving for a 4 week backpacking trip. The site said it ships by USPS 2 day Air so it was plenty of time (the slowest shipping possible would still be overnight for SoCal to Vegas). But just to make sure I called the guy (Allen DeForrest) the next day on Thursday to make sure it went out. He told me that today's orders already went out. Considering that my order was last night surely that meant mine went out, but I specifically asked just to make sure. Despite saying that "today's orders went out" he told me that he saw my order and it would go out the next day (Friday). I explained to him that I absolutely needed it by Wednesday because I was leaving for a long trip in the High Sierras and he said "oh yeah no problem it will get there well before then because you are nearby in Vegas". So I thanked him for his assurances. By next Tuesday I still did not receive my Bearikade so I called him. He had not even sent it out yet!!! Not only that he didn't even seem to care! When he answered I asked if I could have the tracking number and he told me that my order hadn't shipped yet and nonchalantly asked if I want a refund. Are you kidding me! He just didn't care nor did he care that he blatantly lied to me. On top of that after I told him to refund me and I furiously hung up he sent me an email telling me that he couldn't process the refund without calling him again and giving him my credit card. I was so furious at this guy that there was no way I could speak to him again in a civilized manner so I emailed him that I would just call VISA to reverse the charge and he could deal with the charge back fee.

I am now going to have to hike from Kennedy Meadows to Sierra City with just a Ursack hoping that one, the bears don't crush all my food, and two, that I don't get cited by a Ranger in Yosemite where it is not approved.
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Re: Bearikade Expedition attempt... Wild Ideas review

Postby Dubenal » Sat Dec 15, 2018 2:59 am

Why is that not approved in Yosemite? Isn't it allowed pretty much everywhere else?
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