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Gear Lists

Rants and raves! With the plethora of gear that's out there, why don't you tell us about your gear. Help the community separate the good from the bad.

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Gear Lists

Postby mule » Wed May 17, 2006 6:24 am

Post your gear lists.
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Postby mule » Wed May 17, 2006 6:34 am

Gloves - synthetic 1.80 oz.
Hat - fleece (warmth) 2.30 oz.
Hat - synthetic (sun / rain) 2.60 oz.
Jacket (insulation) - Columbia synthetic vest 17.40 oz.
Jacket (shell) - Montane Featherlite 3.50 oz.
Pants - nylon 10.60 oz.
Shirt (long-sleeve) - midweight Patagonia Capilene 9.00 oz.
Shirt (short sleeve) - Patagonia Capilene 6.00 oz.
Shoes - Montrail Vitesse 12.00 oz.
Socks - thick synthetic (sleeping) 1.50 oz.
Socks - thin lycra (walking) 0.38 oz.
Tights - midweight Patagonia Capilene 5.00 oz.
Underwear - synthetic 3.50 oz.

Sub Total
2142.69 gr
2.12 kg
75.58 oz.
4.72 lbs.

Sleeping Bag - West. Mountaineering MegaLite 24.20 oz.
Sleeping Pad - closed cell foam 6.25 oz.
Stakes - Vargo titanium (ea) 0.50 oz.

Sub Total
877.43 gr
0.87 kg
30.95 oz.
1.93 lbs.

Bivy - REI Minimalist 5.00 oz.
Groundsheet - 3'x8' Tyvek 4.00 oz.
Shelter - Equinox poncho/tarp 8.50 oz.

Sub Total
496.13 gr
0.49 kg
17.50 oz.
1.09 lbs.

Backpack - Granite Gear Virga 19.00 oz.
Headlamp - Petzl TikkaPlus 2.90 oz.
I.D. / cash / credit 1.00 oz.
Knife 1.00 oz.
Lighter / matches 1.00 oz.
Maps 2.00 oz.
Stuff Sack (large) 0.60 oz.
Stuff Sack (medium) 0.50 oz.
Stuff Sack (small) 0.25 oz.
Toiletries / First Aid 2.50 oz.
Towel 0.90 oz.

Sub Total
897.28 gr
0.89 kg
31.65 oz.
1.98 lbs.

Filter - Katadyn Hiker 12.30 oz.
Pot - Vargo 750 mL titanium 5.00 oz.
Spoon - lexan 0.60 oz.
Stove - aluminum can alcohol 0.50 oz.
Water storage - one litre plastic juice bottles 2.00 oz.
Water storage - two liter Platypus and hose 3.50 oz.
Windscreen 0.50 oz.

Sub Total
691.74 gr
0.68 kg
24.40 oz.
1.53 lbs.

Total Weight "Skin Out" (less consumables)

4.55 kg
10.16 lbs.
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Postby stillroaming » Wed May 17, 2006 1:32 pm

Backpack weight less food & water

Golite Gust Backpack 19

Sunglasses 1

Compass & Lanyard 2

ATM, Visa, Cash, Permit, Drivers 1
Lic., Canada Cert.

Micro knife tool 2

Tarp, stakes(6) & stuff sack 17

Rain Poncho 7

Ground cloth 5

Marmot Helium Bag 32

Z-Rest Sleeping pad 11

1 Ursack 6

Short sleeve shirt, Midweight thermal 23
top, pair ultimax socks, balaclava,
hiker towel, stuff sack

Shell jacket and pants 15

Water purifier 18

Ti pot, wind guard, spoon & stuff sack 8

esbit stove, 5 fuel days 7

In diddy bag: 2 bic lighters, iodine,
Ibuprofen/Excedrin/Vitamins in aspirin
bottle, Duct tape (wound around aspirin
bottle), 2 sewing needles, toothbrush,
tooth paste, floss, hand sanitizer,
disposable razor, toilet paper,
Neosporin, gauze pads, Imodium AD,
Chapstick SPF 30, space bag, carmex 14

Whistle, 2 photon flashlights 2

Maps & Pocketmail12

Camera /w 2 rolls 36exp 9

Weight in Ounces: 211
Weight in Pounds: 13.19
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Now, to make life worth living!!

Postby Corky Corcoran » Wed May 17, 2006 8:55 pm

Hammock, doubles as rocking chair, with lines and clips. 11 ounces.

Book, history, philosophy, or junk. 6 ounces.

Fishing pole, tackle. 11 ounces.

Oil, garlic powder, packets mayonaisse, relish. 9 ounces.

Half the fun is planning. Half the fun is getting there.

The last half is enjoying being there.
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Corky Corcoran
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Re: Now, to make life worth living!!

Postby mule » Thu May 18, 2006 4:46 am

Corky Corcoran wrote:Half the fun is planning. Half the fun is getting there. The last half is enjoying being there.

That's a lot of halves, but the damn truth if you ask me!
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Gear Lists...

Postby karmagurl » Mon Aug 06, 2007 3:47 pm

Love reading the gear lists you all post....leaves hope for mine someday-- that mine might actually be lighter than it is. I'm workin on it....I'm workin on it.

Finally got a digital camera!! *YAY* 6.3 oz, including batteries and 2 Gig memory card. Not real expensive, but it appears to do enough for me, for now. Sure beats the options! :lol:, for my sleeping pad.......that's next on my "list".

Keep hiking!!
The more I know, the more I know I don't.
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Postby subversive0 » Fri Mar 25, 2011 5:00 pm


Mont-Bell EX Light Down Jacket (medium)
5.7 oz

Mont-Bell U.L.Wind Jacket
2.6 oz

Mont-Bell Dynamo Wind Pants
2.8 oz

Rain Shield Inc. O2 Original Series Hooded Jacket
5.4 oz

Walmart Fleece Gloves
2 oz

Micro fleece hat
0.8 oz

GoLite Tumalo Pertex 2.5-Layer Storm Jacket (Will Replace my Wind Jacket and O2 Rain Jacket if rain becomes more persistent)
10 oz

GoLite Tumalo Pertex 2.5-Layer Storm Pant (Will Replace my Wind Pants and O2 Rain Jacket if rain becomes more persistent)
7 oz

GoLite Mesa Trail 5" Run Short
4 oz

Titanium Goat Adjustable Goat (aka trekking) Poles
7 oz

Outdoor Research Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap (may get rig of this when sun/bugs are not an issue)
2.8 oz

ExOfficio ExOfficio Reef Runner Lite Shirt - Long-Sleeve (white)
7.5 oz

Patagonia Capilene 1 Silkweight Crew (white)
4.2 oz

Walmart cheap nylon liner/dress socks
1 oz per pair (will carry 2-3 pairs at a time)

SunCloud Diversion Polarized Sunglasses
2 oz


Gerber Curve Knife
0.8 oz

Fast food spoons (2X)
1 oz

Cascade Designs 2L Platy Bottle (I will carry 1 to 3 of these depending on the section of the trail)
1.3 oz

Polar Pure (Crystallized Iodine)
3 oz

Zelph Stoves StarLyte Stove
.52 oz + 0.72 oz for windscreen= 1.22 oz

16 oz Plastic Fuel Bottle with pour spout
1.5 oz 700 mL Titanium Pot (I may replace the lid with tin foil)
3.7 oz

Bic mini lighter (2X)
0.8 oz


Running shoes
don't have these yet
12 oz


Halfmile's Maps
1-2 oz

Yogi's PCT handbook trail tips/town guide Trail data ect. (sections ripped out as appropriate)

Pacific Crest Trail Data Book (sections ripped out as appropriate)


Petzl e+LITE Headlamp
1 oz

CAMP Corsa Ice Axe (70 cm version, used in the Sierras)
7.2 oz

Medical Kit =Duct tape, and Imodium, needle/thread, and Vitamin I
1 oz

Canon Powershot S95
7 oz (including extra batteries and memory cards)

Joby GorillaPod Original Camera Tripod
1.6 oz

1.5 mm Z-Line (50 ft)
0.88 oz

Suunto A-10 Compass
0.95 oz Price: $15

Sunscreen in a small pill container
1 oz

Z-Packs Cuben Fiber Camera Pouch
0.055 oz


Z-Packs Large Cuben Fiber Stuff Sack (750 Ci) for clothes/pillow
0.4 oz

Z-Packs Large Cuben Fiber Food Bag
.85 oz

Z-Packs Cuben Fiber Pack Cover
0.9 oz

Custom 2600 Ci Zero Cuben Fiber Stuff-Sack-Pack
5.5 oz


Smart Wool Sleeping Socks
3 ish oz

Gossamer Gear Night Light Sleeping Pad
2.5 oz

GoLite UltraLite 3-Season Quilt - Regular
24 oz

Z-Packs Hexamid Solo Cuben Fiber Tarp
3.2 oz

8 Vargo Titanium Tent Stakes
1.6 oz total

Polycryo Ground Cloth - Medium
Weight: 1.6 oz

Titanium Goat Bug Bivy (Will likely mail this to myself when the bugs get bad)

Any suggestions places where I could improve, or things left out would be appreciated.[/b]
It is in Solitude, contemplation and a connection with Nature that we transcend the frenzied and desperate existence imposed on us by distortions of a commodity culture. ~Chris Hedges
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