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Osprey Exos

Rants and raves! With the plethora of gear that's out there, why don't you tell us about your gear. Help the community separate the good from the bad.

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Osprey Exos

Postby tskye » Thu Oct 15, 2009 9:45 am

Now that a few of you have used the Exos this summer-what did you think? I'm debating between an Exos 46, 58, or an Aura 50 for a PCT through hike next summer. Can you get a bear cannister in it?
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Osprey Exos 58

Postby JenEric » Thu Oct 15, 2009 1:32 pm

I absolutely loved my Exos! It was the second pack I used on our PCT '09 thru. I've learned that for me personally, I prefer a pack with a little more support. I like to put the weight on my hips and have the shoulder straps somewhat loose. The Exos provided that support while still being light weight. The weight of the pack won't matter much if it feels comfortable on your back.

I ended up not really using the pockets on the hip belt because they were challenging to get in to. I was trying to put larger items (camera, blackberry) in them. Ended up just putting some candy in one pocket and the wrappers in the other.

I liked the stretchy shoulder straps, big back pocket for food and top pocket for maps and quickly needed items.

After many miles, the hip belt buckle got a little hard to unlatch and one of the side zippers got "sticky".

Most of the time my pack was not filled to capacity. I stuffed my sleeping bag in the bottom and still had plenty of space for food and clothing. I did not carry the bear canister, my husband did. I'm sure it would fit in the Exos 58 but maybe not in the Exos 46.

With all that said, I have ordered the Exos 46 to use for future hiking adventures.

Good luck next year! Let us know if you have more questions!
Lion Heart
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Postby Oudeis » Thu Oct 15, 2009 7:40 pm

I have an Exos 46 and I love it (a large which is 3k cu. inches). It replaced my beloved Granite Gear Vapor Trail with a slight weight savings, but I really got it for the convenient design, better (more rigid) frame, VENTILATION, intelligent webbing, and accessible pockets. With the pockets, stable storage is well in excess of the main compartment at 3k cu inches.

Like my GGVT pack, my Garcia cannister will not fit inside the main compartment loaded horizontally, but it will fit horizontally if you set it at the top of the main compartment supported by your other packed gear, then pull the top flap over it. There is a single internal center red/orange cinch strap that pulls over the center of the Garcia (or Bear Vault) holding it in place, and then further secured by two more straps on the Top Lid. You will have to try the BV500 which is slightly smaller than the Garcia to see if it fits horizontally inside, but I doubt it.

It is possible to load the Garcia vertically, inside the main compartment, but as with my GGVT, It makes your load too tall overall and a bit top-heavy and unstable. The diameter of the Garcia is about 2/3 of the opening of the main compartment, so loaded that way, it flops around unless you pack loose items around it. I'm guessing the same would be true with the BV500 loaded vertically in this pack. It can also conflict with the space needed for your hydration bag. I don't recommend loading it vertically.

I do highly recommend the Exos 46, and will be carrying it on the PCT in 2010 with and without a Garcia loaded horizontally at the top. It is a significant improvement over the GGVT which is saying quite a lot.

Good luck,

Rich (Oudeis, 2010)
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Postby Kung Fu » Mon Feb 15, 2010 12:52 pm

Hi Theresa-

I did a section hike 2009 with the Osprey Ariel pack. I will be trying the Exos as well, but here's some food for thought.

Although the Exos may be lighter, the Osprey DESIGN may be something to compare with other lightweight packs. I only say this b/c I was convinced with my Osprey, yet found that another pack of similar weight felt much better. I believe it was the shoulder strap design that wreaked havoc with my shoulders.

My solution will be to buy the Osprey Exos, REI Flash, and a ULA Ohm or Catalyst. Try them all in the leisure of my home, then return the ones that didn't work. REI has a great return policy, as may some of the others.
Kung Fu!
Kung Fu
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Postby tskye » Mon Feb 15, 2010 4:57 pm

Thanks, Kung Fu-I tried about 6 different packs at home, and ended up with the ULA Catalyst. I've trained with it quite a bit and it feels good!
Good luck with your search!
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