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Two things I now carry

The Appalachian Trail is the most well traveled and adored trail of the Triple Crown trails. So come on in, have a seat and tell us your story.

Two things I now carry

Postby spiderclimber » Sun Apr 08, 2012 8:57 pm

I want to share two lightweight tools I've come across

1. Vaseline soaked cotton balls for a quick and rain proof fire starter--cheap and very very light! Learned this at survival school in Air Force. Try it out and you'll see how darn easy it is. no joke. use the old school petroleum jelly and not the newer stuff.

2. Also I can't seem to stay out of poison oak so I tote along Sasquatch Itch Cream. it doesn't stop anything or wash off the resin but it soothes that crazy itch. Got a good nights sleep north of Old Station last year ONLY because of it. I'm sure it works for poison ivy also.

hope this helps.
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