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Best way to get your permit date???

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Best way to get your permit date???

Postby OldHiker » Wed Nov 21, 2018 7:13 pm

So, in looking at the way the 2019 permits were handed out it appears that the best method of getting the date you want is to log in before the start time with as many computers / devices that you can get and / or get friends to log in for you. Apparently, for everyone who is logged in before the start time, once the start time "starts", all those people are randomly put in sequence. Then everyone who waits until the start time will be added to end of the list in the order they log in.

If you assume 4,000 people have logged in before the start time and you only have 1 computer then, on average, you should be at position # 2,000. If you have 10 devices, you should have 5 numbers on either side of 2,000 - one around 1,000 and two before 1,000 so one around the 350 mark and one around the 700 mark. Of course these are just averages, you may do better or worse.

But, overall, if you have 10 devices (or even half that number), you'll have a much better chance of getting earlier in line. And with only 30 spots per day, that's just under 1,000 a month.

Do I have it right?

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