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Voyageur - Appalachian Trail Journal - 2017

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Scott "Voyageur" Piddington
City: Sanbornton
State: New Hampshire
Country: United States
Begins: Apr 30, 2017
Direction: Northbound

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Date: Wed, Apr 12th, 2017

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A week and a half after getting home from the Continental Divide last summer, I went to see my doc for an anual checkup which I hadn't had for 3 years as it turned out. He wanted a blood test so I got it drawn in advance so he could tell me about it. Everything checked out great. Then I told him of the hard time I was having anytime the trail went up at all. I think my journal comments on this from time to time. It would always lead to baby steps and fast pulse. one time it was so fast I counted and calulated my pulse rate but couldn't recall waht was normal so it amounted to naught. He sent me for more blood tests and called me at home that night. My iron and red blood cell count were both very low. He said it was as if i was short 5 units of blood! No wonder I was tired.

Then I got to thinking. I was having a tough time last winter climbing the spiral stairs back stage. I baled out on a hike up Mount Adams in the White Mountains because not only couldn't I keep up, I just couldn't keep going. My shake down hike in the Whites with Alex was an incredible strugle. Even in the summer of 2015 on the CDT in Montana with Troy I was having a tough time. Hmmm.

My Doc said this condition was not likely due to diet even though I am a vegetarian. It was most likely with folks my age a loss of blood. This lead to all kinds of tests to look for timy bleeds in my digestive system. Upper, lower & gastro endocopy. The first 2 I was fortunately rendered unaware of. Apparently I was given a drug to prevent me from remembering it and it worked. The last one was kind of cool. I swallowed a capsule containing a battery, light, camera and transmitter. For 8 hours as it made it's way down my esophagus, through my stomach and winding through my small intestines a beltpack receiver recorder the movie as it tracked to capsules location through electordes on my abdomin. Talk about science fiction.

In the end nothing was found. I had a clean bill of health. Now I take 27 mg of ferrus gluconate with 250 mg of vitamin C each night. My iron levels are back, My red blood cells are back. I climbed 2 of the most remote 4,000 footers in the Whites this winter wiht no problem. Wooo hooo.

Mostly, it is so good to know there was justification for being such a wimp last summer on the CDT. This is probably why I was having trouble staying warm at times too.

Thanks for listening and following along.

Entry 2 of 93
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AT 2017 Thru-Hike

"The road ahead leads ever on,
down from my door where it began
to where many paths and errand meet."
Bilbo & Frodo - J.R.R. Tolkien
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