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Squarepants - Arizona Trail Journal - 2018

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City: Salt Lake City
State: UT
Begins: Mar 27, 2018
Direction: Northbound

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Date: Sat, Apr 14th, 2018

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Arizona Trail Map

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dubs zero day for squarepants

I'm starting to get real familiar with Phoenix. This is my 3rd visit since coming to Arizona for the AZT! It's huge and not very walkable and in an overall sense this city should not exist. But hey they have rabies shots here so no complaints!

On Wednesday afternoon, Cake drove Crash and I back to the trail and we continued north through the Superstitions (oooooooh). They're a stunning mountain range, also filled with many wildcats, but ain't no wildcats dare to approach me and my mighty trekking pole! Ha ha! Ha ha...

Besides not seeing cats we actually did see a TON of wildlife in a day and a half. We watched a Gila Monster cross a road, almost sat on a scorpion, and almost stepped on a giant Sonoran centipede (largest centipede in north america!). I also saw a surprisingly agile tree-climbing green snake which i can't identify for the life of me (maybe a vinesnake or a green ratsnake?). Plus the usual forty cows that all glare at us, plotting world takeover as we walk by them.

Upon making it to Roosevelt Lake (and hiding from a wind storm at the ranger station bathrooms overnight), we had managed to hike 45 miles in 27 hours and felt pretty good. Sadly, i had to head back into Phoenix for more shots and left Crash to continue his hike alone. He's been a joy to hike with, but he is so speedy! I'm hoping to reconnect with him this summer on some of his future hikes. But as for now, tomorrow I'll get back on trail again, and i'll be all on my lonesome once more.

Special thanks to Cake for picking me up at the trailhead and for quite literally helping save my life, and to my friend Marty for hosting me in Phoenix today! You guys rock. Also shoutout to sand and wind for making Thursday a f***ing shitshow. My eyes are still recovering from having fine rocks shoved into my eye crevices.

On Tuesday I will be in Payson for rabies shot number 3 woot woot. Sadly I hear that the Saguaros will be all gone by then, but at least it means that i'm close to the rim where it's cool and you don't turn into an oven-baked hot pocket everyday.


Entry 6 of 8
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Journal Photo

Arizona Trail - 2018

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