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Tally Ho - Arizona Trail Journal - 2018

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City: Luna Pier
State: Michigan
Country: USA
Begins: Mar 6, 2018
Direction: Northbound

Daily Summary
Date: Fri, Jan 12th, 2018
Start: Ward Island LazyBoy
End: Fully Reclined
Daily Distance: 0

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Arizona Trail Map

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Bathtub Spring

Miller Peak

March 15, 2017 had finally I waited for the shuttle I chatted with another hiker who was sharing the same shuttle with me out to Montezuma Pass. I knew I would not be alone out there as there was also another hiker that I had chatted with on FB who also had the same start date, he was being dropped off by his brother. Our shuttle was on time and we were soon standing in the parking lot and ready to go. My shuttle partner was headed south to the border.....having already done that I was headed north. I believe I signed the trail register again and was off. The trail immediately starts climbing and I was packing heavy but happy to be underway. I can't really remember how long it took me to reach the top but it seemed like an eternity and the stops to rest were frequent, think flatlander.......gasping for air. Not long after I passed Bathtub Spring my shuttle ride partner caught up to me.......we walked together for a while and found ourselves baffled when we reached a fork in the trail....left or right? Left....the trail looked better traveled, but as we started down I pulled out my Galaxy and pulled up the AZT App.......we were off trail. Thankfully we had not gone far but it was a steep uphill climb to get back to the fork in the trail. I started down the Right trail and thought to myself this can't be tracks, a totally undisturbed tread. Again I pulled out my Galaxy and it was at about this point with all that heavy thinking going on that my feet began to slip on the tread and as I tried to arrest myself with my trekking pole ( I only use one trekking pole and in my right hand ) my Leki pole snapped and down the mountain I went....skidding and spinning like a hockey puck, abruptly coming to stop upon hitting a flat spot in the trail. Hmmmmm, right on trail according to my Guthook App....what a trailblazer. I left a considerable amount of my hide along with appeared to be a pint of my blood to that little downhill patch of the AZT. Both of my knees along with the palms of both hands had a serious case of trail rash.........more to follow.......I pulled my other pole out of my bag and continued on. My shuttle partner was long gone......he had a much faster pace then mine and I figured I would not see him again. I walked for for another 3+ miles and came to a suitable camping site where there were already 2 tents set up. Dropping my pack I set up my tent and was eager to crawl in and collapse....I was done in.....spent. One of the campers came over and offered me a bottle of water which I accepted and it turned out that the second campsite belonged to the hiker who had been dropped off by his brother......I never saw him pass me so I assume he had got an earlier start then I had....they all had a fire going and were sitting around chatting.....none of that for me, I was beat and crawled in my bag with my belongings scattered around me in and outside my tent.....I'm certain the others were mortified that I had not bothered to hang my food bag.....I just was too tired to care.........

Entry 5 of 7
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