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Psmurf - Continental Divide Trail Journal - 2011

Entry 4 of 15
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Poppa Smurf
City: Green Bay
State: WI
Country: USA
Begins: May 11, 2011
Direction: Northbound

Daily Summary
Date: Fri, May 13th, 2011
Start: South of Florida Mountains
End: Keith's place in Deming
Trip Distance: 12.0

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Entry Visits: 374
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Continental Divide Trail Map

Most hikers make it in 2 1/2 days

Camp beaking went much better but still took 1 1/2 hours? I try to set up for packing the night before but am slow and clumsy. Now I have changed my watch to NM time and can capture early light and cooler temps. Finished bushwacking to a windmill but not able to scoop from the holding tank so this was the first time I go into the green water shared by the cattle. I can only wonder what my father-in-law is saying to the other heavenly saints at that time. He is deceased, a wonderful person, a former dairyman in northeast Wisconsin and probably never drank from the cow troughs. "Yup, that's my son-in-law. See him down there at that windmill. Drinking from the trough." I did use my Hiker Katadin water filter but still... . After fill-up, I located a road which is on Ley's map Columbus 09. Took a picture of a subsequent water tank that had the names of many 'immigrants' and the states from which they started their pragmatic US citizenship. I, like they, got more water here. Thinking four liters is a reasonable quantity between probable water points. Trail was a road so easy to stay located and had the Three Sisters as a solid landmark...except sometimes it looked like there are four hills. Hm-m-m-m. Passed the abandoend San Tex mine. A small operation probably operated by one tough, tenacious hombre. And, I lost the road as I moved north so back to bushwack until I relo'd. Now it was a road walk off map 09 and onto Ley map 08. Checked outside temperatures using my Tech40 Data Center II. Why do I punish myself using hi tech gear - this,the GPS/SPOT, Droid - before I really know how to use these contraptions. I am carrying manuals on how to use them including the TDCII and plan on reading them just before I fall asleep. HA. Anyway, it was 104 per the Tech 40: it was in the 40's in my beloved Wisconsin. Transition going on here. I thought I was making slower time taking frequent stops to drink and simply rest but I climbed through the Florida Gap, past Rock Hound State Park, the Geodes Museum and made it to the Dry Gulch Barbequeby 1830 where Keith said to call him and he would slack pack me after dinner: "They have great barbeque discounted for CDT hikers...cold soda." As I approached I distinctly smelled what I thought was hickory flavored barbeque cooking. Talk about motivation. As I got closer I saw a car pull into the lot, pause and then leave. Hm-m-m not a good sign. Then, closer yet, I saw the parking lot - actually a smoothed section in the desert surrounded by western slogan signs and wooden hitching post. They were closed. Locked shut. No one responded to my five minutes of pleading and door knocking. I was tempted to call their emergency number listing and ask them to open up but chicked out. So I called Keith: no answer but left message. Two potential customers pulled in engulfed in a cloud of dust: I shook my head. They shook their heads in unison, smiled and away they sped in their car. What a difference a car makes when dealing with travel: they would be able to eat at another restaurant in probably ten minutes. Me, the walker, I was hoping to make it to Keith's by night. Keith did get the message and left one of his favorite TV shows to facilitate the slack pack. I walk sans pack to his place. He said "most hikers make it from the border to his place in 2 1/2 days." I was at the Dry Gulch in two days but paying for it. At 1715, I grabbed the two hiking poles, GPS, Droid phone (and, yes, I'm learning to use this, too) and one quart of water and followed in trace of Keith. Carrying two hiking poles and a qusrt of water occupies both hands voiding use of the hiking poles. Was able to follow Keith's directions until the very end: his street sign was not situated on De Baca but on another entry. It was now dark, very - partial moon helped somewhat - as I looked for his home on the non-existent Holstein street sign. Imagine the probable thoughts of the several cars who drove by this dirty old man trying to read street signs with two hiking poles on an unlit country road. I used the Droid to get directions but Google maps kept deleting itself. I knew I was close. No, I did not want to call Keith and bother him with more requests. Finally, at 2100, I saw his truck and knocked on their back door. Mary and Keith welcomed me, showed me the hiker's quarters, offered me a shower. Keith and I went out later for a hamburger, salad, large Coke (a large is huge by my medium standards). I consumed the Coke en route back to the house and left no room for the food. Keith and I watched an old western staring Jimmy Stewart, Janet Leigh and two other actors. Filmed in the beautiful Colorado mountains. Nice to see Hollywood's interpretation of camping. Finally, I, who normally go to sleep at 2130, went to bed @ 0115 way past bedtime but before show was over. Sleep interrupted several times during night because of bad water symptoms. Well, I made it in 2 1/1 days and now have blisters covering the upper 1/3 quadrant of left foot to pay for it. Plan calls to slack pack 10 miles tomorrow...and successfully treat foot issues. Will Google blister treatment after this entry.

Entry 4 of 15
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Continental Divide Trail - 2011

Poppa Smurf


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