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Day-late - Continental Divide Trail Journal - 2017

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David "Day-Late" Thibault
City: Tucson
State: AZ
Country: USA
Begins: Apr 22, 2017
Direction: Northbound

Daily Summary
Date: Thu, Jul 13th, 2017
Start: Hostel at Grand Lake
End: Hostel at Grand Lakes
Trip Distance: 26.0

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Continental Divide Trail Map

Rocky Mountian Natinal Park

Got up early and was able to be out of hte hostel and on the trail at
around 6 AM. The CDT does this 24 mile loop through Rocky Mountain
National Park and the end is pretty close to the begining so I left all the
stuff I didn't nee for the day at the hostel and headed out to do the loop
plus a couple of exttra miles to bring me to the route 34 trailhead. It
as cool in the morning and thngs were still wet from the rain last night
but the trail was really nice and wide so my feet didn't get soaked from
the wet plants. The hike up, for all morning was a gradual climb, was next
to the North Inlet river which was just spectacular with it's rushing
waters an occasional cascades and falls. Then to make the scenery even
better the wildlife in RMNP was also great. Early in the hike a ran across
a cow moose about 25 ft away, small whitetail buck 4 to 6 pointer with fur
still covering its antlers, a doe a bit bigger, then another moose, a cow,
then two elk that were on the trail and ern't interestedin leaving, thye
both were bulls and had big racks with about 16 to 20 points, These I ot
within about 5 feet of before I could convince them to leave the trail. I
would have gone around them but the trail was really steep in this section
and the scramble would b=have been tricky. Later I ran intoa bull moose
about 30 feet away, again not too concerned I was there.
The trail climbed up abovee treeline and stayed there for a few miles, then
decended back to the forest. The weather stayed nice all day but I had to
put my jacket on near the top when the wind was blowing. In all I did
about 26 miles today with a light pack, I found that 26 miles is still 26
miles even if the pack is light and was tired when I hit the Highway
trailhead. I was able to quickly get a ride from a young lady htat was
leaving the trailhead just as I got there. It is about 3 miles from town
and I stopped at the storeon the way to the hostel and picked up a couple
of beers and a pint of Ben and Jerrys ice cream which I ate right at the
store. When I got back to the hostel the head ranger from RMNP was here
giving an informal talk on the park so I sat in on that. It was very
informative and like almost all National Parks I was impressed with RMNP,
It was a very nice by tiring day.
I met a couple of CDT hikers that were doing the loop the other direction
from me that I had not seen since Pie Town. Maybe I'll atch them here at
the hostel as they hadn't figured out where they were staying tonight. I
suspect they will arrive a couple of hours later than me based on where in
the trail I met them. I'm going to cook dinner here at the hostel tonight
as I bought enough food for two meals.m I am going to have to work on
etting more calories into me each day as I am sure I am running too much
of a deficent each day. Right now I just want to sit back put my feet up
an drink a beer. At the moment I feel I am doing a good job of that.
Anyway, if you like beautiful scnery and enjoy seeing wils animals up close
and personal I recommend a trip to RMNP.
You can skip RMNP and still do the CDT as there is a bypass around the loop
but I can't imagine doing so, why pass up one of the nicer sections of the
trial when you are out here to experience the trail.
Off to find some dinner, I think I have two lined up for tonight, yeah..

Entry 70 of 99
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