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Peru - Continental Divide Trail Journal - 2019

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Lisa "Peru" Karst
City: South Fork
State: CO
Country: United States
Begins: Jun 7, 2019
Direction: Northbound

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Date: Thu, Dec 27th, 2018

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Journal Plan

Continental Divide Trail Map

Weight, Gear

I like to start a the hiking season just a little heavy, like 10 lbs. I tend to lose about 15 lbs on a long hike, but have lost as much as 20. Being 10 lbs underweight really cuts into my energy and hurts morale, just as much as being 20 overweight. My ideal hiking weight is 155 (I'm 5' 9", average height for an American male, a little tall for a woman.) so my goal this winter is to get to 165. I am pretty massive right now, so I have made a chart for my bathroom wall showing my reaching my goal on June 15, when I intend to hit the trail this year for the northern half of the CDT. I have hypertension and high cholesterol, so I will be following the DASH diet, which has been clinically shown to be the best diet for those problems, as well as for good steady weight loss. I had been on statins and ACE inhibitors, and I think they messed up my metabolism pretty good. They did have the advertised effects of lowering LDL and BP, but at the cost of wrecking my energy and muscle recovery. So, back to the diet solution, which has worked well for me in the past. Without processed food (full of sat fat, salt, and sugar) and at a lower weight, my numbers will drop to acceptable levels. I have genetic propensity to heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes, so I don't expect I will reach ideal numbers without meds. But I will accept that if it means hiking will go better for me.

I like to collect my data and make plans to keep motivated for my diet. I use Locus Maps which allows me to import tracks and waypoints, annotate and sort, make my own tracks and waypoints. I mark up prospective camping and fishing spots, make town notes, all that kinda stuff. This year I need to spend some time getting to know my InReach a little better. My old Spot Connect was pretty hard to mess up. The InReach has much more capability, but it's pretty easy for me to neglect to cross the "t"s and dot the "i"s, and before you know it, stuff is just not working. I have some gear to sort out too. I love my old WM Alpenlite, but I've had a few cold nights. My handmade quilt is warmer, but doesn't cover enough of me. My NeoAir is comfy, but will I take the heavier warmer one? Should I make it a shorty or just go with it? I have three tents too. One is double wall, free standing and feels a bit overkill. Another is light, but lacks net and it's not free standing. Some nights it's not quite enough. A third has net but isn't free standing. It is, however, the oldest and has some holes. I can't even settle on a water system. I have used bleach, aquamira, iodine, Sawyer, Steripen, etc, etc. All work just fine, so hard to choose. I thought after 11K miles, I'd know what I like. However, what seems to have happened is that I just know a lot of different systems and they all work. It's just not that important to me I guess. I'm kinda the same way about food. I watch fats, protein, glycemic index, calories, fiber, micronutrients, and don't really care too much where they come from, so long as they are decently balanced.

Entry 3 of 5
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Continental Divide Trail - 2019

The Continental Divide Trail is a national scenic trail that runs from Mexico to Canada via New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. This unfinished trail can potentially span up to 3,100 miles. Learn more:


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