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SlowBro - Continental Divide Trail Journal - 2020

Entry 2 of 30
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Mark "SlowBro" Hurd
City: Eugene
State: OR
Country: USA
Begins: Aug 10, 2020
Direction: Northbound

Daily Summary
Date: Tue, Jan 14th, 2020
Start: Eugene
End: Eugene
Daily Distance: 0

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Entry Visits: 254
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Continental Divide Trail Map

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Early Morning Forest

Training Hikes Have Started

It started as a faint whisper, barely audible in the early morning silence. Through the timber to the west of me I could sense a subtle motion. The Douglas Fir of this forest tower 10 stories above and the deep silhouettes of their crowns against the predawn sky start to quiver. The whisper is moving closer and becoming louder, like the rush of stream as one approaches the bank. Only I am standing still. The sound turns from rushing stream to water fall to locomotive over the course of 20 seconds and I cast about for shelter, not knowing what is about to happen. The immense trees start swaying alarmingly as I crouch down in a swale. I hear a big tree crashing down somewhere off to the right as the blast of wind sweeps over me stirring up a confusion of dirt and small sticks all around. And then I hear the sound recede as the wind gust moves on. The dust settles and the trees stop their gyrations. I listen for the next big gust, but it never comes. After a few minutes I resume my training hike trying to figure out what just happened. Well, there is weather to the north of here. Must be that.

As I move up the hill I encounter quite a number of New Years Resolutions. The NYRs are generally decked out in their new running suits and shoes and walking or jogging. Often with a few extra pounds on board. But they are sure this year will be the one where they stick to their resolution to get in shape. I have been there. I respect their new found resolve and wish them well. At least they are out here trying unlike many of their brethren. It really is hard to stay motivated and takes a lot of work to lose a few pounds. Our bodies are designed to hold on to calories from when we were hunter/gatherers, but we have too much now and so we lay on the fat. The NYRs are fighting an up hill battle. Hopefully this year will be the one.

I crest the hill and the twinkling city is spread out before me. I always love this spot in my hike. The faint light of Portland, 100 miles to the north, glows on the horizon and to the east a subtle change suggest the sun will be coming up again today. The rain that has been falling to the north finally edges south and the first drops splash on my face. My umbrella goes up as a light, but steady shower takes over the morning. I move down the hill past houses, woods, and the cemetery until I get to the bottom and the bike path home. Just 2 more miles to a warm dry refuge and a cup of hot coffee.

- Safe Travels my friends...

Entry 2 of 30
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Journal Photo

SlowBro's Continental Divide Trail Journey

"I can't say as ever I was lost, but I was bewildered once for three days." -Daniel Boone

"The Journey IS The Reward" -SlowBro

"If you feel like quitting, just keep walking." -Gypsy Spirit


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