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Day-late - Florida Trail Journal - 2018

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David "Day-Late" Thibault
City: Venice
State: FL
Country: USA
Begins: Jan 1, 2018
Direction: Northbound

Daily Summary
Date: Wed, Feb 21st, 2018
Start: Nokuse
End: East of Egland

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Florida Trail Map

On to Egland - sort of

The morning hike was very nice today. I got up earlier than usual and
attempted to hike out just a bit before the sun came up. As I thought last
night it didn't work very well as I could not keep track of where the trail
was. Luckily the sun came up shortly after I started and I was able to
find the trail and continue onward.
All morning the trail was prett nice winding through a little bit of
everything, forests, fields, swamps, etc.
Just around noon I hit the 331 high way and the first part of that wasn't
too bad either as it was on the base and just west of the highway. While
the trail was close enough to the road to hear the traffic it was still a
very nice and well kept trail. The problem was that the base closed the
next section I needed to pass through and a couple of sections farther up
too. So in order to avoid the closed areas I was forced back out ont the
highway for several miles and then walking on roads attempting to get
around the base. The map the base provides is updated every day with the
closures and it is very hard to figure out exactly where the boundries of
the areas are. So even with the maps I am guessing a bit as to exactly
where an area starts and ends. It hasn't been a problem yet because I am
still off the base but tomorrow I will be getting back on the trail and
hopefully will be able to get around all the closed areas. This is really
a pain in the you know what because I have to guess where I can reenter the
trail and if the road I am using to bypass a closed section is in or outt
of that section. I guess I will find and figure all this out tomorrow but
it sure would be nice to just hike the trail through the base. It looks
like the Western half of the base doesn't have an closures it is just
getting to it that is the issue.
Since I am off the trail and just kind of weaving my way through a maze of
backroads I am not really sure how many miles I hiked today but it feels
like a lot because I am completely worn out.
I am staying in the back of a church as I asked the pastor if I could pitch
my tent for the night and was given permission. It was a warm day and I
drank a lot but still feel I was getting a bit dehydrated. I will drink a
bunch tonight to make up for that.

Its getting dark so I'm off to bed as I'm exhausted.

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Entry 52 of 56
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Day-Late's FT Journal


Thru Hiking the Florida Trail


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