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Buck30 - Great Divide Route Journal - 2016

Entry 44 of 45
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Brian (Buck-30)
Begins: Jul 6, 2016
Direction: Northbound

Daily Summary
Date: Fri, Aug 19th, 2016
Start: Kakwa Lake
End: Prince George
Daily Distance: 0
Trip Distance: 758.0

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Great Divide Route Map

Days 42 & 43

(39 miles after finishing) Funny how things work out. The initial roadwalk
out of Kakwa is 18 miles and really more like trail. With a bridge out it
isn't car assessable and quite scenic with huge glaciated mountains looming
over to the right and nice river walking here and there. I tried not to
walk too fast and give myself shin splints and really my main problem was
food. Turns out I did pack rather light and have been eating only about
2,600 calories a day which is pretty light considering I'm probably burning
4000+ calories a day and it's a long 8 day section. I was getting by but my
hunger was compounding over the days and with 2 days of roadwalking left
all I want is town food.

After the nice 18 miles it turns into a better 2 track road but the good
news is that the weather continues to be good. I walked another 12+ miles
for a total of low 30 something and camped on the side of the road. The
odds of a car coming by were 0%. My plan was to do another 30 tomorrow and
then a few the next morning and then hitch to Prince George. Although I
could push out tomorrow, then I'd end up having to get a motel room late
which I hate doing.

Today I woke early and walked about 7 miles when I heard a car coming
towards me. Although exciting to see someone it wasn't going to help since
I was going out and they were coming in. Except that it was River and
John!! Because they have a dog that can't hike every section, they have
been shuttling 2 cars up the trail. They were thinking they might possibly
see me and damn I was glad to see them!! I'm done walking!!

I jumped in the car with John and rode back where I came from for them to
drop a car off and then we all jumped in the other car to head out. But
they had a secret plan. It's a long story but they wanted me to drop them
off at a different trailhead, keep the car for my few days in Prince George
and then leave the car at the airport. This plan is pretty amazing for all
of us. It saves them like 8 hours of driving later and allows me to have a
car for a couple days. Only problem is that both cars are stick shift and I
don't know how to drive stick! I know, I'm 41 and that's pathetic but
that's the Tanzman family genes. I have several past stories of how this
has thrown a catastrophic wrench into plans. But River and John were
convinced they could teach me. I was super skeptical based on an experience
with Lisa back in like 2007 where I tried and freaked out. We had a long
ride out on the dirt road and they figured, no traffic, great place to
learn. And amazingly, I did it! I'm far, far from shifting cleanly but damn
if I at least drove for several hours and succeeded. Life will be tougher
with traffic and signal lights in Prince George and I'll probably not drive
much or at all, but I should be able to get back the several hours to
Prince George myself.

We had a great lunch in McBride and then I drove the dirt road out to the
Holmes trailhead where they had a grueling climb back up to the trail. I'm
on my own with the stick shift! I decided to just camp out here, more
relaxing and no hotel room and then I'll head into Prince George in the
morning, stay 2 nights and then fly out. It will be real nice to have 2
days to decompress before starting another hike.

I've got plans for several more shorter hikes this year, so you may see
another journal here and there from me. I'll do one more entry for a GDT
summary, otherwise, GDT done!!

Entry 44 of 45
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Great Divide Trail

The Great Divide Trail traverses the continental divide between Alberta and British Columbia, wandering through the vast wilderness of the Canadian Rocky Mountains for more than 1200 kilometers.


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