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Buck30 - Ice Age Trail Journal - 2018

Entry 13 of 52
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Brian (Buck-30)
Begins: Jun 1, 2018
Direction: Westbound

Daily Summary
Date: Tue, Jun 12th, 2018
Start: Lapham area
End: Kettle Moraine near Palmyra
Daily Distance: 25
Trip Distance: 250.0

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Journal Visits: 9,772
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Ice Age Trail Map

Ice Age Trail Day 12

No town food today! The 11 day streak is broken. It's actually only my 2nd
longest streak having gone 2 straight weeks with town food on the north
island of the Te Araroa. Rest assured, I survived today and even savored
it. Everyday town food takes the special feeling away that I usually have
when I get to town. I did use a little caffeinated drink mix to make sure I
didn't get a caffeine withdrawal headache which I can get if I don't have
massive quantities of diet coke for 24 hours.

It was a nice and much quieter day today. Having passed through the bigger
urban areas and I guess distant suburbs of Milwaukee, today was so much
quieter. There are still roads everywhere, I probably cross one every mile
and all of my hiking is essentially sandwiched between roads, but they were
low traffic and quiet today. I only walked a road for less than 2 miles and
the rest of the day was all trail. I'm back in the Kettle Moraine state
forest and had a really nice surprise in the afternoon when I went through
the Scuppernong Prairie Natural area which was a few hours of beautiful
wide open marshland/prairie. Totally out of nowhere and a great walk.

I saw a few more sand hill cranes today, but not in the prairie area. I
keep seeing them walking across barren farm fields. Its a strange sight, my
experience with them is walking across golf courses and grassy front lawns
in my parents Florida retirement community. I don't picture them out here
but apparently they are very common and I always love seeing them.

The temps got up to 80 today even though there was no sun and it was
incredibly humid. This resulted in my feet getting serious heat/sweat rash
which isn't all that pleasant. I wish I could camp at water and soak them
in a cold stream. The temps are rising and are forecasted to hit 95 this
weekend which definitely will not be pleasant, especially if it's during a
long road walk I know I have coming up in a few days.

The mosquitoes finally got really bad late in the day. I used DEET earlier
but I really hate to put it on at the very end of a day and then get into
my tent and sleeping bag so I just squished them as they landed on my arms
and neck. I threw on my rain coat to set up my tent and then I was not
surprisingly so hot I stripped down naked and just lay in my tent not
moving for 15 minutes to cool down.

Hopefully I can cover good miles again tomorrow. The camping is definitely
getting frustrating. I've been picking really good spots given the options
but the only way to get these spots is to plan ahead and modify my mileage.
I've got another big interstate urban area coming up and with about 70
miles to go (from this morning) I basically had to pick from too few miles
a day or too many miles a day. If I do what I want (like about 22-23) then
I'll end up walking a full day into town which I hate doing cause I want to
get a motel room at 10 am, not 5 pm. If I do low miles then I'll be bored
all day not walking and if I do higher miles then my feet will keep
hurting. I feel like I'm in a constant battle with camping.

Entry 13 of 52
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Ice Age Trail

The Ice Age Trail, one of only eleven National Scenic Trails in the United States, is a thousand-mile footpath highlighting Wisconsins world-renowned Ice Age heritage and scenic beauty. Learn more:


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