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Lumpy - Other Trail Journal - 2013

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Dan Jacobs
City: Washougal
State: Washington
Country: United States
Begins: Mar 13, 2013
Direction: Northbound

Daily Summary
Date: Fri, Jul 5th, 2013
Start: Trapper Creek Trailhead
End: Trapper creek Trailhead
Trip Distance: 32.0

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Entry Visits: 163
Journal Visits: 2,017
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Trapper Creek Wilderness

I parked at the Trapper Creek trailhead and headed up trail 192. I rejoiced quietly when I saw the sign saying I had entered wilderness. It was already late in the afternoon, so I boogied in order to find a good place to sleep.

I slept near the junction of a couple of trails where there was a creek bed with lots of downed rotting trees. There was a spot that looked almost hammock-like in shape, and my pad and sleeping bag fit in it perfectly. I cooked dinner listening to the screech of owl babies calling their mother to bring them food. After dinner, I journaled a little then slid in my bag after reapplying mosquito repellent. The blood suckers weren't bad, just annoying. As it became darker, bats started flying right over me and the mosquito traffic went way down (Hurray for mosquito eating bats! Anything that eats mosquitoes is one of my favorite animals!)

Slept well, ate breakfast, repacked the pack, and continued west. I'm not in bad shape, but I wasn't in great shape for this trail. It was work. The weight of the pack wasn't helping. I had a very enjoyable walk regardless. Came upon someone that couldn't stop telling me how happy they were that they were going the easier way (didn't want to hear it), but told me the views were excellent on the peak. I didn't bother telling the man that I was enjoying my time regardless of anyone elses opinion, and sometimes the harder way is the better way. some folks don't want to hear that no matter if it's correct or not.

The water in the area tastes wonderful. I thought I had great water from my well, but now I know it's only pretty good. Plenty of it, never went thirsty, and the Sawyer filter worked very well. the Aqua Mira I carried was only useful for the water I tried from Iron Mike well on the last day as I was leaving, it removed the iron taste so that I could enjoy the natural mineral water. It didn't seem to be needed for the creeks in the wilderness.

I slogged up to Observation Peak and tried to enjoy the view, but the flies and mosquitoes knew a good thing when they smelled it. I left before they could eat me alive.

I camped down trail 132 a little in another little spot slightly long and a little dish shaped. This night, a deer snapped me from my sleep by breaking downed branches as it passed nearby. They must do this on purpose, as I know that deer can be silent when they want to be. "Hey, let's make that hiker think a bear is coming for him!"

The walk out on the third day was delightful, except for my aching feet and burning calves. Despite all the soreness, I can't wait to get back there, even if it is just overnight. Being out in nature is worth all the exertion and difficulty, and should be a little easier next time. Maybe a lighter pack and less stuff in it? Yeah, that sounds like a good idea! :D

Entry 8 of 8
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Other Trail is located off the beaten path, somewhere between the soles of your feet and your imagination.


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