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Day-late - Other Trail Journal - 2019

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David "Day-Late" Thibault
City: Venice
State: FL
Country: USA
Begins: Apr 25, 2019
Direction: Eastbound

Daily Summary
Date: Tue, Feb 5th, 2019
Start: Silo Campground
End: Mahogany Cove
Daily Distance: 16
Trip Distance: 16.0
Min Temp: 35
Max Temp: 51

Journal Stats
Entry Visits: 82
Journal Visits: 3,478
Guestbook Views: 142
Guestbook Entrys: 8

Most of Canon Ferry Lake

Seemed colder than usual this morning but I knew it wasn't because my water didn't freeze over night -first time this trip. I took my time getting up hoping it woud warm up some but proabl didn't warm up much. My goal for the day was to get to the marina at the dam but I ended up about 6 miles short of that. Made a lot less miles per hour today than anyother da because the lake had no current but plenty of headwind. Actually all morning it was on or off for the wind. There were some good waves if you got out into exposed areas which ou have to do occasionally. By mid da I was doing less and less exposed areas and reall hugging the shore as much as possible. This was because the hills and cliffs on the west shore were blocking some of the wind and the waves were not that bad either. On the downside this makes the distance covered go up so while I did about 14 river miles today I am sure I paddled well over 20 to get them. The waves at timesgot to about 2 feet occasionally but mostly were in the 1 foot range. The wind was off and on, mostly on and gusting more and more as the day went on. On my second rest stop of the day the wind had died down just as I headed out with the intetion of making the marina by 6 PM. The sun had finally peaked through the clouds for the first time in several days. As I left the cove and rounded into the main part of the lake I hit wind much worse than anything all day. The bank was all shear cliff so there was absolutel know place to pull out so I paddled on but the wind was gusting over 30 mph and at times I was just holding position waiting for the wind to drop a little so I coud move ahead a bit. After about 40 minutes of really hard paddling I came to the Mohagany campsite and pulled it and decided to call it a day. There wer white caps out on the lake and the wind was just blowing hard. Found a really nice campsite and will hope that in the morning the wind is better. Sun came out again and that really helped warm things up but less then 15 minute later it was sprinkling - got to love this Montana weather.
Attempted to get the weather report for tomorrow but no real luck. I got the weather from Helena which is the closest but it has current wind conditions at 2 mph so that isn't going to be useful. I've noticed sofar the wind is better in the morning so hopefully that will be the case in the AM. This is the first day I am feeling the muscle soreness from paddling. I really had to paddle a lot harder today to make any headway and I'm feeling it. It is supposed to start warming up for the next couple of days. I sure hope so I could use a nice day for a change.

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Entry 2 of 41
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