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Buck30 - Other Trail Journal - 2020

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Brian (Buck-30)
Begins: Oct 30, 2020
Direction: Southbound

Daily Summary
Date: Thu, Nov 19th, 2020
Start: Nashville
End: Natchez
Daily Distance: 0

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Town and Trail info

The following are my town notes for everything I could find along the way on Google Maps. There is nothing on the actual Parkway and you can't really see off the Parkway but i think this list covers it all, it's always possible I missed something. Few things to keep in mind. ** means I did not visit and the info is just what I got from google maps. The miles correspond to my mile markers on my homemade GPS track and not to the mile posts on the road. This is cause during planning I didn't know the road mile markers to I had to create my own and mine went up from 1 whereas I walked south and the road markers go down from 442. But the distance between stops should be about the same so it should still be helpfull and I added the businesses address so you can plot it yourself on Google maps for planning. IO means in/out meaning there is an obvious way to walk in one way and out there other and adding some distance. Lastly, most of the convenience stores I visted were pretty poor. Not a big selection like sometimes good gas stations. But usually enough to buy a bunch of snacks and a lot of them had hot food. I usually carried most of my food between big towns and supplemented from the convenience stores as I went.

**14: Leipers Fork Market, gas/conv store (0.3 off) [4348 Old Hillsboro Rd, Franklin, TN 37064]

**36: Dollar General (0.6 off - IO 0.8 extra) [4466 TN-50 E, Williamsport, TN 38487]

**58: Andrews Circle Six Conv store (1 mile off, could in/out) [2768 Summertown Hwy, Hohenwald, TN 38462]

63: Natchez Trace Trading post Conv store/café (0.25 off). Very small resupply, don't plan on buying much here but a few snacks. Counter service cafe that is very cheap. Good outdoor rocking chair seating with outlet (backside porch) [1363 Napier Rd, Hohenwald, TN 38462]

**73: Gas station (Jug's One Stop), 1 mile off [2650 Lawrenceburg Hwy, Mrs Gower Rd, Lawrenceburg, TN 38464]

89: Collinwood - Small, Piggley Wiggley, Dollar General, 1 motel, close to Parkway and can walk highway with better shoulder through town and out park to Parkway. Hasti Mart gas station on way into town has a lot of hot food and pizza. Park across the street with pavilion/outlets.

**93: 4 Mile Market Conv store (0.2 off) [200 Natchez Trace Dr, Collinwood, TN 38450]

**101.5 Barry's One stop convenience store and hot food. (0.5 off) [3001, 3051 Big Cypress Rd, Cypress Inn, TN 38452]

**110: Kelly's Cafe at Cooley's Corner - Café (0.3 off) [8250 Co Rd 189, Florence, AL 35633]

[117: After crossing Tennessee River head short way to bathrooms. Water on, outlet on wooden pole on right side of bathrooms. Outlet!]

124: Chiska Foodmart - Conv store (0.6 off - IO adds 0.5m). Small convenience store, lots of snacks but not a full resupply. They make decent frozen pizzas. Picnic table out front, open outlet with air machine. [6220 US-72, Cherokee, AL 35616]

**141: Jekyll & Hyde Market, Bar & Grill - Café, tiny conv store (anything really?) - (0.75 off ,- IO adds 1m) [1103 MS-25, Tishomingo, MS 38873]

**174: Satillo - small town, no motel. In/out adds 0.8m, maybe wait till Tupelo (very close)

179-185: Tupelo, tons of motels, etc. Large area walk on west side. I walked into Tupelo at 178 and exited at 184, not really recommend in hindsight. ABV and Econolodge are east from 179.8 with lots of food etc. Tons of cheap motels also east from 182.1 except really only 1 gas station around, Clarion was good and cheap. My best suggestion is to walk in at 178.2 south to the Americas Beat Value Inn and then leave west to 179.2. The ABV is cheap and sounded ok, there's a Kroger and tons of fast food etc. The entire area is busy including walking the Parkway so taking the Blackland Prairie Trail is a good idea. The Parkway is pretty busy for like 10+ miles south of Tupelo. Was not fun.

225: County Line Store - Conv store, pizza and chicken (0.2 off). Open outlets out front. [830 Co Rd 279, Woodland, MS 39776]

**241: Mathiston, small town, 1 motel, Dollar General (0.6 off to gas station/subway, 1.3 off to town ,- IO adds 1 mile)

249: Texaco - Conv store, pizza (0.1 off). Nice wooden bench out front next to plug. [MS-9, Ackerman, MS 39735]

[251.9, State Park. Outlets next to bathroom on post just off Parkway. Didn't test but I bet they work like a previous setup same as this that worked]

264: French camp, tiny town. Conv store, café. (0.1-0.2 off). Store is tiny with some basic snacks little debbie etc. Lots of hot food and a ceap lunch bar too. Before the road intersection is a pedestrian walkway to the left that goes to the historic places (close by) it looked like and a playground etc. Good chance there is a quiet plug somewhere around there. [5660 MS-413, French Camp, MS 39745]

284: Kosciusko, large area. Walk by Walmart, 3 $ 55 motels, food. I popped into Walmart through the woods. Would be easier to take the first side road in honestly. Didn't walk through town for anything else. Outlets outside left of soda machines away from all.

**311: Conv store, Dollar General - Long IO adds 0.4m [4949 MS-16 E, Canton, MS 39046]

**321: Ratliff Ferry Trading Post - Conv store small, café (0.5 off) [1275 Ratliff Ferry Rd, Canton, MS 39046]

[339.5: Pick up the bike path to town at the Reservoir Overlook. If coming Nobo the trail isn't marked but is just before milepost 96 I believe it was and it's also on google maps bicycle layer]

344: Large area - Madison/Ridgeland, walk through south area. Many cheap motels 1.8 miles or so south. The Days Inn was pretty cheap and I thought quite nice. Some of the even cheaper motels had really bad reviews. There is also a set of motels near the Natchez/Interstate but they are pricier. I walked about 1.8 miles to Days Inn and took a $ 10 Uber back after a zero day.

359: Walk along north side of Clinton. There isn't much very close to the Parkway so I resupplied in Ridgeland. I did divert at Pinehaven Drive 0.4 to an Exxon/Blue Sky gas station that had really good BBQ.

[393.5: Rocky springs campground. Water in bathrooms few feet off road. Small room between bathrooms seems to always be open has 2 outlets. Didn't test, but assume they work as building had lights on]

408: Port Gibson - Bigger, fast food, motels but pricey (Long IO adds 0.5). Pretty run down town, if you can avoid it I would. Instead at 401.7 you can walk into town just 1/3 mile to a gas station with limited resupply and fountain drinks. No hot food. The 4 mile walk through town has about 1.5 miles of sidewalk, the rest is busy road with no shoulder.

448 Natchez - Big town with everything.


Trail Info - The following is a short summary of the 5 sections of actual trail.

(mile markers are the actual mile posts on the road)

Highland Rim: MM 408 - 427.6. Track about 23 miles. Suggest starting at bathrooms west loop trail on old trace. The east side loop trail fords Branch creek twice. The first few miles along Branch creek are very nice. Once you leave the creek it's fine but not super exciting. The trail is in ok shape but it's just very close to the road or sandwiched between multiple roads as it waves and bumps up and down.

Tupelo/Blackland Prairie: MM 260 - 266. Good trail the whole way, popular with locals. The last mile is currently closed with storm damage but it didn't look very bad.

Yockanookany - MM 105.9 -130.9.

Trail to Riverbend is signed as unmaintained and really really quite poor. I checked 3 times along the way and everytime there was barely anything resembling a trail and it's overgrown with thorny vines etc. Someone has recently flagged it so it is followable but basically a pointless struggle on abandoned trail 100'-200' from the road. Riverbend and Cypress Swamp are closed due to a straight line wind event. The trail is basically obliterated for several miles total before and after these sites. After the wind event the trail continues to be basically abandoned and pointless to hike until Highway 43 and then the trail is maintained and in pretty great condition all the way to the end (about 6-7 miles). I'd highly recommend only hiking this section.

Rocky Springs - MM 52.4 - 59.4. NPS site says closed from MM 55 at campground to terminus at 59. This is a long term closure and seemingly abandoned trail that was has eroded, etc. I didn't check out the 2 miles that are possibly open, it was still pitch dark in the morning when I walked by.

Potkopinu - MM 17-20. Decided not to go due to extra 1.3 mile road detour for such a short trail.

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Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail

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