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Davis - Pacific Crest Trail Journal - 2008

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Brent and Kim
City: Fort Collins
State: CO
Country: USA
Begins: May 14, 2008
Direction: Northbound

Daily Summary
Date: Mon, Jun 2nd, 2008
Trip Distance: 100.0

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Entry Visits: 670
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Pacific Crest Trail Map

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Never seen a trail marker like this one before.


Today was a long, hot slog. Much like yesterday. To break up the monotony, we had dinner at a McDonalds about 1/2 mile off the trail at Interstate 15. It was sort of weird. We were all stinky and nasty from the trail, and all the people in McD's were all clean and fresh out of cars. It really felt like my life was very far removed from theirs. Brent had a supersized Big Mac meal (read lots of fries, and a large coke), an Angus burger, AND a large chocolate shake. I think he made himself sick.

After dinner we hiked on for a while, and discovered another hiker, Mercury. He had gone to the convenience store just up the street from McD's and purchased a 6 pack of Budweiser and ice. He carried it for a few miles, and then stopped and drank the whole 6 pack under a tree on a ridge. Imagine Brent's chagrin when he realized he had missed out on a cold beer on the trail. Mercury was pretty embarassed too. He initially tried to hide the crushed cans, but we hassled him until he admitted to packing beer and ice for several miles. It was pretty funny.

The blister and shin splint saga continues, that is to say, we still have both of them. My left heel looks like it's trying to grow another head, and it's pretty gross. it'll probably have to be lanced soon. eeeew.

Camped without the tarp again, but Brent woke up in the night thinking it was raining. It wasn't, but we got a ton of dew dropped on us. woke up, and the quilt was damp, but not wet. good thing that thing is water resistant.

I've developed a fascination with California yucca plants. I love them. Colorado yucca are like their backwoods, cross-eyed, inbred cousins. California yucca are statuesque, fragrant, and elegant.


Entry 19 of 134
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Pacific Crest Trail - 2008

The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is a 2,650-mile national scenic trail that runs from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon and Washington. The PCT traverses 24 national forests, 37 wilderness areas and 7 national parks. The PCT passes through 6 out of 7 of North Americas ecozones. Learn more:


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