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SoloGirl - Pacific Crest Trail Journal - 2009

Entry 29 of 79
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City: Minneapolis
State: Minnesota
Country: USA
Begins: Apr 26, 2009
Direction: Northbound

Daily Summary
Date: Mon, May 4th, 2009
Start: Alkali Wash
End: Fobbes Saddle
Daily Distance: 18
Trip Distance: 145.0

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Entry Visits: 1,562
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Trail Angel- Tarzan (with D & Cog)

Day 9- Brand New Day

Details: Woke 6:13 am, hiked from 7 am to 6 pm. Starting temp: 45 degrees, ending temp 66, high temp 77 degrees. Starting elevation: 4560 ft, ending 5680-high elevation: 7000.

Last Night I dreamed I was having a very bad day at home- I was moving and I broke my favorite plant, Ficus, and Ficus died- it was a bad day (in my dreams) and then I went back to my apartment and my nephew, Jared Boy, was there and he had repotted my plant and it looked beautiful. Maya, Ky and Peanut were with him. Jared Boy said, "Aunt Kat, you had a bad day. We repotted your plant for you." And he gave me a hug and I just bawled. I tear up even now as I write this- because it's exactly what I needed. I did have a "bad" day yesterday (the worst day on the PCt is still the best day....) but getting that hug and seeing those kids, just hit the spot. I also had a dream that my dog, Kusko, came to visit me & that was a happy dream too.

When we went to bed, I told D that I'd see how I felt in the morning and if I felt like I did the day before then we'd hitch the 18 miles to Idyllwild via Hwy 74. I don't know if it was the good vibes in my dreams, but I woke and my feet didn't hurt. I felt like a brand new woman- it was a Brand New Day! We hiked the 3-4 miles to the Highway, where I'd thought I'd hike the mile down the road to Paradise Cafe. Paradise Cafe is famous among PCT hikers because it's just a mile off the trail and it's got good food. But as we came the crest and saw the highway below us I heard a Tarzan yell, and hoot and a holler. I hollered back and D said, "How do you know they're cheering for us?" I just looked at her- are you crazy, "D, we are on the PCT, who else would they be cheering for?" And I was right, it was Tarzan, a Trail Angel, who had set up a tent and had food and water for hikers. He informed me that the Paradise Cafe was closed on Mon & Tuesdays, so he comes out to fill the void. Oh HEAVEN!! He really saved me another dip into a mental pit toilet :)..

Trail Angel of the Day: Tarzan made me my most favorite treat: Yogurt Granola Parfait with Fresh Fruit- OMG, it was so good. He was so full of energy and good cheer that I just knew this was truly a Brand New Day. Cog, D and I stayed there about an hour getting pampered with fresh fruit, yogurt parfaits, watermelon & good cheer. He easily wins the coveted Trail Angel of the Day award.

The Rest of the Day: As we prepared to leave Tarzan, I consulted my PCT Atlas & AsABat's water report as I always do- to check when the next water source was and how much water I should bring. I saw that there was water ~7 miles up the trail, but it was a cool day, overcast & we were still in the morning hiking hours when I really don't use that much water, so I only loaded up on 1 liter of water: I've been perfectly happy with less, so I felt confident in my decision. At lunch, D & I rested and I finished the rest of my water. She checked my PCT Atlas and was certain we'd reach our first water source very soon- so I finished up the last of my water. This is when D noticed that she must've have forgotten her 2 liter water bottle at Tarzan's tent. Oh well, we'll get water soon....3 miles later we realize we missed the water source that was off trail. (It must be noted that this section is not well marked at all, and we felt not so stupid later when we heard several other hikers missed that water source too). So the next water source would be another 4-5 miles at Cedar Springs. We could make it. I was out of water, but D gave me some water. We get to Cedar Springs & realize the water source is 1 mile off the trail, and our next water (&campsite) is only 4 miles away. I tell D I'm going for the campsite. At Cedar Springs turnoff, we meet Brad (a local out for multi-day hike). He convinces me that he is overburdened with water and we both take another 1/2 liter off of him. This is enough water to get us to the next water source 4 miles away at Fobbes Saddle- which is our First Water Source since Tarzan, 15 miles before....D was kind of mad at me (or mad at my PCT Atlas for confusing the water source). But she got over it when we got to camp and we had a beautiful spring as our water source that was set up by the Park Service (thanks Park Service people). I didn't come into camp thirsty but I did learn my lesson. First, I need to take responsibility for my own map reading- I had relied upon D to give me the next water source info. Second, I need to carry more water than I think necessary- just in case. I was lucky that I learned this lesson on a day that was cool and even though it was the largest elevation gain thus far it was overcast and I ended up being not that thirsty. It was more of a mental know, when you expect a cool drink and then you get that slap in the face by the water nazi: No Water for You! But it turned out great. I ended up camping with Cog & D by a clear stream and it was lovely.

Entry 29 of 79
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SoloGirl's Guide To The PCT

The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is a 2,650-mile national scenic trail that runs from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon and Washington. The PCT traverses 24 national forests, 37 wilderness areas and 7 national parks. The PCT passes through 6 out of 7 of North Americas ecozones. Learn more:


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