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Buck30 - Pacific Crest Trail Journal - 2009

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Brian (Buck-30)
Begins: May 27, 2009
Direction: Northbound

Daily Summary
Date: Tue, Sep 15th, 2009
Start: Canada
End: US
Daily Distance: 0
Trip Distance: 2,000.0

Journal Stats
Entry Visits: 1,036
Journal Visits: 42,741
Guestbook Views: 1,461
Guestbook Entrys: 24

Pacific Crest Trail Map

Day 111

The FINAL numbers Say.......

Number of PCT miles hiked: 2,000

Number of miles hiked so far in '09: 3,000

Number of long distance miles hiked in total: 10,500

Number of days on the PCT: 110

Number of days taken off to visit with parents in the northwest: 9

Number of days taken off while hiking (not including the 9 above): 3

Average miles hiked per day, excluding days off: 20.4 (this includes short days in/out of town....a typical full day was 25 miles or so)

Number of miles hiked with/around: Kicktep and Annie: Around 1,000

Number of miles hiked "alone": 1,000 (although you are never truely alone out here)

Number of dollars spent on lodging: $ 400 (a record low for me)

Amount spent on the trail: Not sure yet

Number of nights spent at trail angels: 3 (1 night at Saufly's, 2 nights at Pooh's Corner.....I also visited the Bratten's but did not stay)

Number of nights in a motel: 8

Number of coolers of soda's some awesome people left on the trail: Around 5 times

Number of water caches used: 1 (Hat Creek Rim, I boycotted down in SoCal, but also did not hike the first 450 miles this year)

Number of times I was lost: 0 (although I did walk a 1/2 down the wrong trail once)

Number of days of good weather: More often than not. SoCal was unusually cold for the 250 miles I hiked, the Southern Sierra's were a bit worse than normal, but not too bad, NoCal was brutally hot, the mosquitoes seemed worse than normal, Oregon was good and Washington had freakin amazing weather!

Number of bears seen: 3

Number of rattlesnakes seen: Probably 20

Number of elk seen: 1 small herd

Number of mountain goats seen:1 big herd

Number of deer seen: A lot

Number of marmots seen: Tons

Number of bee/wasp stings: 4

Number of Advil taken: 0

Number of times I shaved my head: Several

Number of candy bars eaten: Probably 300

Number of calories eaten per day: Around 3,000-3,500 per day on the trail, probably 5,000+ on town days

Number of 1/2 gallons of ice cream eaten: 2

Number of pairs of sneakers: 4

Number of sizes my feet grew: 1/2 (common, but never happened to me before)

Number of pairs of socks: 10

Number of t-shirts that disinegrated on my body

Number of blisters: 1

Number of trips to the dentist: 1

Favorite towns: Mammoth, Shasta City, Ashland, Whites Pass, Stehekin

Least favorite towns: Kennedy Meadows, Seiad Valley, Etna

Favorite parts of the trail: 190 mile haul through the Southern Sierra's, section north of Tuoualame, Last 300 miles of Washington

Least favorite parts of the trail: 300 or so hot, forested miles from Sierra City to Shasta City

Favorite nights: Any timeI could sleep out under the stars above tree line

Least favorite nights: The hot, forested, mosquitoe ones in NoCal

Best piece of gear: Merino wool t-shirt, 4.5 oz REI pillow

Worst piece of gear: Rain pants, socks

Pack weight with no food/water: Around 17 pounds (I really need to get this down, but I love my huge pad and pillow!)

Average days of food carried: Around 4-5

Longest food carry: 11 days in the Southern Sierra's


-Still the best long distance trail in the world in my opinion.

-Weather can have a huge impact on a hike. There were big differences between 2004 and 2009 impacting the enjoyment depending on the weather.

-There are way too many people out here to party and seem to find hiking an inconvenience to beer drinking.

-Every hiker is responsible for his or her own behavior, but the Kickoff, the growth in permanent trail angels and ridiculous number of water caches is detrimental to the PCT in my opinion.

-I saw and heard about some really dumb shit this year that makes us all look bad.

-I really enjoyed hiking with/around others and really enjoyed hiking alone too.

-If Idid it again I would leave before the Kickoff and trudge through the Sierra snow in order to have a bit more solitude.

-I need to lighten my pack a bit.

-My memory is terrible to the point where Kickstep would joke as to whether I really hiked this trail in 2004.

-Taking alternate routes is fun and makes for a more enjoyable hike.

-Long distance hiking is super addicting.

THANKS to.....:

-My parents and sister for being there when I needed them and always supporting me

-Mark for being the best friend a guy could have

-Cory for cheering me up along the way

-Kickstep and Annie for listening to me tell about a million stories, some better than others

-Ernst & Young for giving me the time off to continue to live my dreams

-Indy's family for all the amazing food and generosity in Washington

-Indy and Too Obtuse for keeping me in check

-The random people I met along the way that gave me a soda, a ride or simply a nice conversation.

-The businesses in trail towns that go out of their way to help hikers and treat us well.

-The volunteers, PCTA and even the Government agencies who made and make this trail a reality.

-Americans who pay taxes to build the PCT and allow me to hike 2,663 miles for a $ 5 permit fee.

-Readers of this journal for your encouraging words and funny comments.

Brian "Buck-30"Tanzman

AT 2002, PCT 2004, CDT 2005, AT 2009 (1,000 miles), PCT 2009 (2,000 miles)....and still hiking.

"Those who wander are not lost"=

Entry 106 of 107
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Pacific Crest Trail

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