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JackandBarb - Pacific Crest Trail Journal - 2011

Entry 33 of 210
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Jack and Barb
City: Encinitas
State: CA
Country: USA
Begins: Apr 17, 2011
Direction: Northbound

Daily Summary
Date: Sun, Feb 20th, 2011
Start: Encinitas
End: Encinitas
Daily Distance: 0

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Entry Visits: 1,321
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We will go to the PCT, knock down some *ciento*, and act silly!

Crunch Time

Jack: Well, it's getting to be crunch time. We have a huge list of things that have to be done before the end of April. We have to do the taxes, make a list of "rules" for our friends staying at the house, I have to figure out how to sign up for Medicare (damn I'm old! I thought Medicare was for our grandparents!) - kicks in July 12, Oh, one of our cars needs smog and registration (it will otherwise expire before we return), and we can't forget to load up all that maltodextrine into ziplocks. It is truly hard to comprehend what five months of food for the two of us will look like. In fact, at 4,000 calories each per day, it is five months of food for four! Not quite sure yet where we are going to stage all this food in our tiny house.

Yep, crunch time is here. (pretty color, thanks Scott)

Barb: This food thing is daunting. Really, how often do women try to find the lightest weight, most caloric food. I know I'll be starving on the trail but it is sure difficult to think about eating 4000 calories a day when I'm sitting here at the computer. My preference is to eat whole grain, whole food like vegetables from our garden (I'm not even planting a summer garden this year) and fruits from our trees but I know packing 10 pounds of celery won't cut it. I have read some journals of people who usually like whole foods but once the "hiker hunger" kicks in, they end out scarfing down pop tarts! Right now, this is a little hard for me to "stomach". Oh, and Jack, Don't forget the video. We have to put together a video for the KO.

Jack: Right, with all this to do, you want us to make a video too?

Barb: How about something simple. We head over to the PCT, turn the camera on, knock down some "ciento por ciento" and act silly.

Jack: Babe, we just act like ourselves and it will be silly.

Barb: We've been ordering clothes and gear and every few days it seems like Christmas. I'm liking the Patagonia clothes and a gal from Fallbrook, CA who owns Perfection Wear is sending me samples of their material for compression shorts (wicking, breathable) for underwear (editor's note: Perfection Wear is no longer in business). I have a pair of her compression shorts that I run in but the material is a little heavy for underwear. I'm hoping these work. Still looking for a pair of pants, zip off legs. Obviously need light weight but I do not want the "low rise" pants that seem in fashion. The backpack slides them down, down, down. Ugh! Also cannot have stretchy material - same reason. Would like bug resistant, sun resistant, durable, comfortable, and as I decrease in size they can somehow still stay on my body. Is that too much to ask? Anyone out there have some ideas?

Jack: So, this is now page 32 of this Journal - Wow, it adds up fast and we haven't even started hiking yet! We think we have covered most everything for someone just starting out on an adventure like this - and a lot of other (not so significant) stuff but we hope it has been an interesting read so far and has provided some value. Ok, unless something really interesting or odd pops up, we have maybe two or three more pages to enter before lift off. Let's see, a page describing our food choices, a page on our equipment and what else?

Barb: Well, we definitely should write a page about our pet pigs. Well, they are more like YOUR pet pigs. You know how much they love hanging and travelling with you.

Jack: Ok, a page on the pigs. Do you think they can go on this trip with us?

Barb: I'd hate to see the destruction if the pigs had to stay home.

Jack: Ok people, we are going to lay low for awhile. Check off the big item list and come back down the line with a few more pages before the feet hit the ground at mile 0.

Barb: "Feet don't fail me now . . ."

Jack: Oh those pigs are going to be sooooo (wee) upset if they can't come with us!

By the way, we will be monitoring the guestbook and we have a working email link at the bottom of every page. If anyone out there wants to PM us, we will try to answer all, even when we are on the trail.

Hasta Luego Amigos!

Entry 33 of 210
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Journal Photo

Jack And Barb Take On The PCT

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