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Trawlercat - Pacific Crest Trail Journal - 2011

Entry 2 of 2
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City: San Pedro
State: California
Country: USA
Begins: Apr 19, 2011
Direction: Northbound

Daily Summary
Date: Tue, Apr 19th, 2011
Start: Los Angeles, CA
End: Los Angeles, CA
Daily Distance: 5
Trip Distance: 5.0

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Entry Visits: 802
Journal Visits: 1,461
Guestbook Views: 101
Guestbook Entrys: 2

Pacific Crest Trail Map

PCT Transition

I started posting my journal entries early on on trailjournals so it just became habit so - when I hit the trail next week let's see how it goes and how easy it will be to keep the journal entries updated and coming.

Subject: And the Headlines couldve read: Middle age couple carjacked near LAX

Beware: This soon to be PCT thru-hiker just woke up from a nap and started writing. And like face book says: Whats on your mind? Right now Im thinking that in five days time I start my PCT transition Life transitions are known as predictable changes. Some transitions we make voluntary but, some are thrust upon us like say: a trip to San Jose Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
The Logistician in her infinite wisdom, to make sure that I kept real busy when I first retired has me flying around the world accumulating mileage points. Sometimes I think its only to keep me from the start of my PCT appointed start date. Its all really starting to make sense for me right now.

I retired April 3rd and was thought of (by some) to be in almost peeked trail condition for the PCT trail. At least according to CornNut and Globe Trekker; my fellow Adventurer Club best friends and self appointed PCT personal fitness trainers. Next thing you know were flying to Seattle where she leaves me there something about her having to go back to the corporate world since shes not yet retired or words to that affect.

Seattle was really not such a bad place to visit as I got to go hiking with my Doctor son and also met up with Raptor Man Tim Brown who is one of my PCT Trail Angels for Washington (Snoqualmie Falls) who also has great USFS connections. Once back home Im then off to Lake Havasu, AZ for a week to race in the Worlds Most Continuous PWC race in the world? My race partner Jim is still kissing my feet after we managed a 10th place overall and third place win in our class not bad considering that he flew over the handlebars on the third lap tearing a thigh tendon thus promptly forcing me to iron man it the rest of the 300 mile course. AND TO THINK THAT COULDVE EASILY BEEN ME! Fate wants me to finish this thru-hike, I now know it.
That week in Lake Havasu was also not such a bad thing as I met up with Globe Trekkers good friend Vance who took me out for some great locals hikes.

And then it was back home before she once again sends me off to Miami for what was supposed to be two weeks that rather quickly turned into a month long stay. Can you say St. Patricks Day pub crawl in the Florida Keys? Miami was also business that had to be done and I was just the retired guy to do it. Not really! But, it sounds really good and almost dangerous in print.
Speaking of dangerous we just returned from MEXICO! OMG. OMG. Youre going to Mexico said a few of my world news junkie friends and family when I first mentioned that the Logistician was forcing me to spend intimate time with her in her new world class Master Suite with infinity pool timeshare in Mexico.

Some said I should start the trail NOW. Others said she has no idea what she is doing what with the murder rate of the country and all! Trawlercat talk some sense into her, they said. What I said! Youve got to be kidding. The Disney cruise ship was down there not once but twice. At least five other ships stopped by as well.

Avoid Miami because of the violence in New Orleans? Thats pretty much what the dont visit Mexico crowd wanted me to do. Only 64 murders per 100,000 population in New Orleans and would you not risk body or limb for some of the best Cajun food in the world? Can you say gumbo, red beans and rice and muffelletas? I think not.

Cabo San Lucas the place we visited is about the same distance from the Mexican violence centers as Miami is to New Orleans. Juarez is not a tourist destination so I wont go there and neither should you.

So how do I write a good adventure story? We fly in to LAX (Los Angeles) from Cabo and once we clear customs and are outside I call the Park Place for a ride to our Toyota Prius. A true adventure story would have the accelerator pedal stick and we would get home real fast! That didnt happen but this really did: Once we pay and walk to our Prius it has a totally flat tire. No problem - we call AAA as I was not about to ruin my REI trail pants to change a flat on an aviation fuel stained asphalt parking lot.
I did not care about the Tommy Bahama shirt that I was now wearing it still had spaghetti stains from last nights Seafood pasta at Dions or was it Andres Mamma Mia Italian? Anyway to me Im glad it mostly resembled red pasta and not some other kind of red. Then we finally drive out and I go left off Cienega towards the 405 N instead of South like Im supposed to. Good thing this happened or we wouldve been on the 405 freeway.

The Prius is now bucking on the underpass road not letting us move any faster than say 10-20 mph. I stop on the road to check and see that the newly changed (by three guys) in a tow truck flat tire is extremely low and almost on the rim. (I initially told the Logistician that they send them out in threes because two are for security purposes and one is to change the tire then she gets really scared) No problem I say you just made it home from Mexico (Safely) and besides there is a gas station up ahead.

The Mexican guy at the US gas station says that the air pressure hose was recently vandalized and so Im out of luck. At the Mexican PEMEX gas station we wouldve had fourteen guys on duty, our gas pumped, windows cleaned and a working air hose.
Two hoodlums come out from the corner of my eye. Almost immediately they start to size me up and our Prius with a flat small donut bright yellow rim spare tire. (I didnt want to but she forced me to) be clean shaven, and now tanned, wearing a cream colored Tony Bahama shirt that looks like it is blood stained and so the hoodlums quickly vacate the premises.

Back to the All Park LAX parking place we drive. Thankfully, (OMG Im so thankful says the Logistician) they have a compressor that can now fill up our newly changed flat tire. Home we drive. Man I feel safe in LA.
Did I feel safe in Mexico as the Logistician and I walked our arses off on the street every day. One day it was to a hole in the wall restaurant that we had those four $ 25.00 US timeshare coupons that I just had to spend you bet we did. Did I feel safe in my own country in Inglewood at 8 p.m. you decide.

Once thing I am truly thankful for in the US is that we dont have timeshare snaggers. The Logistician wondered for a moment. I quickly reminded her that its because we have a US postal mail system that works!!!! Thats why. Those timeshare pitches come at us through the US mail system and we recognize them for what they are and promptly dispose of them in a civilized manner.

Its easier to deal with that, than in Mexico when you have a live person in your face and you cant easily dispatch them because you are not armed. Anyway, it wasnt totally such a bad thing timeshare presentations that is. We received free stuff such as a kick ass boot camp type zip lining tour. Sorry Logistician. No Amazing Race for you. Ill let her tell you why in her own words. More free stuff like snorkeling, sunset cruise, free airport transportation.

Now the only thing that will likely start to get interesting from here on out will be mother nature for she always has a say in if one is prepared or not. Thats when the fun starts to happen. What is this Trawlercat character really afraid of?

Nothing anymore for you see I am not getting on another airplane until I reach Manning Park, Canada. This is my story and Im sticking to it. Where will my story start? Where will it end?

What obstacles will I have to overcome? What will it mean to me when I get there? What is my motivation? Will I be forced into some trouble or danger alone the way or find out something profound about myself?

Stay tuned I dont begin my PCT transition till this Sunday and if all goes as planned Ill be walking to the ADZPCTKO in Lake Moreno. It was really a big deal getting this pulled off.

See you on the Trail!


Entry 2 of 2
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The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is a 2,650-mile national scenic trail that runs from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon and Washington. The PCT traverses 24 national forests, 37 wilderness areas and 7 national parks. The PCT passes through 6 out of 7 of North Americas ecozones. Learn more:


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