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Rharold - Pacific Crest Trail Journal - 2011

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Ryan "Dr. Chonies" Harold
City: San Francisco
State: California
Country: USA
Begins: Jun 7, 2011
Direction: Northbound

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Date: Mon, Nov 7th, 2011

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Snoqualmie Pass to Canadian Border

All right! Guess who has 2 thumbs and isn't dead? This guy typing right here! Picking back up from my day out of Snaqualmie here's what happenned:

Sep. 20 Snoqualmie Pass to Spectacle Lake: Quake, rocky, and I left town around noon after mingling among the giant pack of hiker trash in town. We figured we'd have people shortly behind us, but we saw no one as we went to sleep. Apparently Holden and Unload came through at 11:30PM. They slept a few hundred feet down trail, and the three of us unknowingly walked by them on our way out in the morning.

Sept. 21 Spectacle Lake to Deception Creek Trail. Today would be the last big day on the trail. We went a little over 35 miles while doing two climbs over 2500 feet. We walked fast and took short breaks. We made it into camp just before sunset. The rest of team night shift showed up a couple hours later. Team night shift was Holden, Unload, and Diversity. Apparently Diversity had almost hiked 40 miles that day.

Sept 22 Deception Creek Trail to Hwy 2: Waking at sunrise, we leave camp to head for town. About 5 miles in, I realized I forgot my water filter in camp. Josh/Diversity caught up to us mid morning, and to my relief he had the filter. Not the first time Josh has found crap that I accidentally dropped. We made our way down to hwy 2 by early afternoon to find Unload sleeping in a parking lot. I just now remembered that Unload did not stop at camp that vious night. He stopped about 5 miles before, took a nap until 2:00AM, and then headed for town. That dude hikes crazy sometimes. We woke him up, and then the 5 of us drew straws for hitchhiking order. We went in a first group of 3, and a second group of 2. We hitched to Skykomish WA and got some sandwiches while we waited for beloved trail angel Andrea Dinsmore to pick us up. We also picked up a few 6 packs for the evening. Andrea picked us up a half hour later and took us to the greatest place on the trail. When I got to her house, I got my package and then dropped my stuff in the giant bunk room they had set up for the hiker trash. They had a VHS collection of over 300 titles, and a Ring of Lazy Boyz facing the elevated TV. It was paradise. We all sat around in clean clothes with clean bodies as we drank beer in a reclined was good.

Sept 23. Hiker Heaven: We ended up taking a day off at the Dinsmore's place. It was our first in Washington, and possibly my favorite on the entire trail. Best of all the weather was nice.All the other hiker trash showed up as well. There was over 20 hikers staying at the Dinsmore's. Andrea said it was probably the largest group she had ever hosted. Thank you again Andrea and Jerry for openning your house to us stinky hikers.

Sept. 24 Hwy 2 to Pear Lake Quake, Rocky, Diversity, and myself got back to the trail around 11:00AM. We enjoyed a nice sunny day and arrived at Pear Lake around 5:30 PM. We saw a huge group of day hikers, and Rocky and I jumped in Pear Lake when we got there. We played the movie game for sometime and then went to bed

Sept. 25 Pear Lake to White Chuck River

Entry 30 of 31
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The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is a 2,650-mile national scenic trail that runs from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon and Washington. The PCT traverses 24 national forests, 37 wilderness areas and 7 national parks. The PCT passes through 6 out of 7 of North Americas ecozones. Learn more:


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