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TimothyAdamski - Pacific Crest Trail Journal - 2012

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Timothy "Apocalypse" Aadamski
City: Los Angeles
State: CA
Country: US
Begins: May 1, 2012
Direction: Northbound

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Date: Sun, Apr 1st, 2012

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Just a Month Away and bla bla bla

Exactly 1 month untill kickoff and pretty soon I'll be on trail! A few last minute tasks to take care of and Im out! So far I havn't really been training to hard. I have been doing Long walks of about 10-17 miles here and there, but not nerely enough to get my legs ready for the brutal pounding they will soon take. What does help is that I sold my bike for the trip so I have to walk everywhere I need to go. Which is mostly walking down to the greatest store around, the 99cent only store. Everytime I walk in I never know what crazy incedent Im going to witness. My other major destination for my training walks has been to the Los Angeles Central Library in downtown LA which is where I live if you didnt already know that. Its about 2 miles from Macarthur Park where Im now living. The route itself isn't difficult but I always take different ways about trying to hit as many hills and stairs as possible. The bulk of my training consists of doing a few pullups and weight routines then inhaling some sort of burger, beer or candy and sleeping. Its the most beneficial and satisfying training Ive ever done so far.
Im really trying to reduce my pack weight but Its so hard; Whenever I try to take something out or trim some weight, I end up puting more crap back in or I find a second kitchen sink that might replace my first if that one breaks down. It would be a a lot easier if I wasn't doing this on the cheapest way possible method. I'm trying to get everything On sale or for really cheap. I need that cash/money for my resupply burger binges. I have done pretty good at getting some cheap gear. Mostly I find deals on-line or search out coupons or discounted old model gear that still is new and works great. I got my $ 400 kelty backpack for under $ 100 and my sleeping bag for $ 30 and so on with the rest of my gear. Other wise I prolly wouldn't have any money left over for my actual trip.
Hopefully my ressuply strategy works, I'm hoping to completely ressuply at each stop as I go and have a few boxes sent to me at key points with new maps and gear that Ill need for different portions. I'm thinking this should keep postage to a minimum as long as I can find me some ramen noodles. If that doesnt work Im going to have to resort to eating twigs and rocks and the occasional grasshoper or such.
Im also planning on bringing an ultralight rod and fishing for trout on parts of the trail. Im hoping I start catching enough to offset the burden of weight that I will carry. I will also prolly have fish guts and blood smeared all over me and my stuff so unless you like beeing bear bait I would stay a safe distance. I carrie a beastly large knife at 1 and 1/2 inches to fend em off if they become a threat.
Oh, This will prolly be my last journal before I start the trail because my last few weeks will consist of me slinging lattes at Starbucks tring to make as much money before I leave as possible, Selling stuff on craigslist, getting ready, and doing all that pre-trip stuff.
Later yaw'll, Peace

Entry 2 of 5
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The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is a 2,650-mile national scenic trail that runs from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon and Washington. The PCT traverses 24 national forests, 37 wilderness areas and 7 national parks. The PCT passes through 6 out of 7 of North Americas ecozones. Learn more:


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