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TimothyAdamski - Pacific Crest Trail Journal - 2012

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Timothy "Apocalypse" Aadamski
City: Los Angeles
State: CA
Country: US
Begins: May 1, 2012
Direction: Northbound

Daily Summary
Date: Fri, May 25th, 2012

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Entry Visits: 788
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Hey, Hey, Hey, Currently Im in Wrightwood, CA siting in the local cafe drinking some coffee and catching up on the computer and with civilization. Already I have hiked 362 miles on the trail and even more hitchhiking and walking through towns. My last update was at Warner springs and since then I have gone up into Idyllwild where I spent a few nights in town chilling with all the other hikers and locals. Idyllwild was very friendly and full of tourists. Got a new pair of hking shoes hear and tried to heal up my blisters. Just after Idyllwild we went Climbed taquitz peak a famouse rock climbing spot. It was at taquitz where climbing got different raitings. After that we climbed around Mt. San Jacinto which still had tons of snow drifts all around and covering the trail. Camped at a deer camp just off the trail all around snow and gushing streams. When we woke up we saw 3 deer and we took off for fuller ridge. Fuller ridge was spectacular and pretty easy since fuller ridges snow had mostly melted. Then descended 8,500 feet. This was prolly the craziest day. Coming down we battled dozens of fallen trees and logs and thorns covering the trail. We had 20 miles with no water and on the way down I ran out of water and started getting dehydrated. We were a few miles down and as I was looking up at a lizard on a rock overhang the dude shouts "bees" "RUN!". one of em stung him between the eyes and were starting to swarm me. We halled a few hundred yards screaming and trying to swat the bees. I got stung Once in the arm twice in the back and twice and the head and had to have the dude get a few out that had got caught in my hair. This hive was africanized with killer bees and had been attacking other hikers as well. Then we passed another older hiker who had run out of water and the dude gave hime the rest of his water, he wasnt looking to good but we had to go on to make it to the water in another 5 miles. We battles 40mph gusts of wind and scrambled down to the actual drinking fountain at the bottom and just guzzled water. We rested, got camp set up and got something to eat. As I was sitting on a rock I look over and a rattlesnake is looking right at me and started slithering right for me. When it got 2ft from me i jumped up so the rattler wouldnt get me. I grabbed my trecking pole and tried to move him outa camp and after 15 minutes he took off into some bushes and rocks just outside out camp. That was the day I realized this wasnt know walk in the park. The next day we got to the I-15 bridge where someone left a cooler full of beer and soda. So at 8:30am our group hung out under the Interstate drinking and having a good time. After we realized we should move on we reached ziggy and the bear. THis place was just fantastic!!! These trail angels got this house just to help hiker who go through. We got a foot bath and had some burger king delivered. We took off late that afternoon feeling great and hiked during the sunset and reached a whitewater creek where we camped just outside of a trout farm. We swam in its crystal clear water and camped on the beach. Then had a few more days hiking over some stunning scenery and mountains and fallowed a creek for awhile. The fallowing day Agasi, Snow Turtle, and the Dude camped over rocks in a seasonal stream wash. The stream was just trickling so we had to grab some big rocks, dam it up and dig a hole so we could get enough water. Then we had some of the worst sleep sleeping in this ditch over rocks. It was just lovely. Then we hitched into Big Bear. Right when we got to town we grabbed dollar tacos and headed over to the hostle. THe hostle was very fun and everyone was down to have fun so it made for a great time. We caught up with a bunch of people we were hiking earlier and it was good to converse. There was a full pack of coors, Sorren and Justin (also called wal_mart because they have smiley faces on all their gear) were making brownies so we had beer and brownies and played horse shoes. Then headed over to the bar right next store to the hostle for free pool and some good times. The next day I ressuplied and thaught I wasnt going to see Big bear again and ended up going back for more town food and drinks the day after. When I got back to the trail there was cooler full of soda and a couch and it made an awesome place to hang.
THese days have just been a blur and so much fun. Im skipping so much but I just cant type this long. Ill just sum up the last week. From big bear upchuck, viper, rest stop, maverick, and some others caught up with me and started descending down to the Deep creek hot springs. Deep creak was gorgeous. It was mostly dessert except for the oasis surounding the creek. As we got farther down the creek got deeper and bigger and soon after we reached the hot springs. I stayed behind cause the hot springs were very cool. THere was big swimming pools and big tubs made out of rocks holding the hot water from the springs that was prolly 90 degrees. It felt like a hot tub. I was bummed I couldnt go all the way In because I had gotten 2 big sores on my back from my backpack hitting them and he wounds had started bleeding and getting pretty bad so I had my back full of gauze, bandages and duct tape to cover it all up. But the creek was very refreshing and someone had braught down some food so I stayed hear and made some spaghetti and had a can of corn. After deep creek made it to the Mojave dam and ran into some nice locals who gave me a pale ale and some garlic vegetables. From there I met back up with Agasi and snow turtle who had taken the deep creek detour and was nice catching up from the past few days. Then I made it to a ridgetop that was overlooking the mojave basin and cowboy camped while I whatched an amazing sunset over looking the basin and a few herds of cows. I woke up and had to make it to the infamouse mcdonalds stop at Cajon pass. I hoofed it to silverwood lake where we saw a massive beaver and a bunch of huge orange coy and other fish in this spill way from the lake. After we got around silverwood lake I had to catch up with spider legs who is one of the nicest people i have meaten. He is 76 and has tons of interesting stories. He said i could crash at his place cause his wife was picking him up at the mcdonalds. So I hiked the 22 miles in about 9 hours and caught up with hime just before Mcdonalds. Had 4 mcdoubls 2 mcchikens large fry and 8 cokes. YUmmm. From there we met the youngest hiker at 7 years old named baracuda and his mom sparrow. We all went into Riverside and took the day eating lots of food getting ressuplied and rested and making a stop to REi for a headlamp and bottle to hold bleach and a 1 ounce leatherman to add to my bag. So that brings me to today where I was hiking with the Oldest hiker at 76 and the youngest at 7. We left Cajon pass and the wind was gusting over 40mph and almost blowing us off our feet. The sky was amazing, clouds were gusting through the sandstone cliffs that had all been weathered down and sunlight was poking through in spots illuminating the cliffs. It was STunniNG. Then I got to a spot where there was a sign warning of the poodle dog bush which causes severe reaction and skin problems if you come in contact. I just plowed through and stuck to the original route. Im glad I didnt miss it. Right away I kicked up a huge doe 20 ft in front of me who lunged off through the thickets down the mountain. Then had a bunch of the flat horny toads which look like a little dinasour run right in front of my feet every so often. THen as i reached mile 354 I reached the old burned down forest and the poodle dog bushes. The ground was almost entirely covered with the bush and I couldnt help brushing up against hundreds of the bushes. It was very mystical as i walked through. The area was scattered black burned pine trees with the purple flowering poodle dog bush and enormous clouds blowing right into the side of the mountain. Just a great section but IM hoping I dont get a reaction from all the contact from the poodle dog bush. After I got through I was waiting on top of the ridge and sparrow and baracuda were coming up and they informed me that the post office was going to be closing at 5pm and it was 1:30pm and we were up at about 7000 ft and had miles to get to wrightwood. So I ran down a forest service road leading to the highway into wrightwood. I made astonishing time but gave my knees a pounding. I ran down the road and got a hitch into town and was at the post office before 3:30 and was able to get Sparrows package while they were still coming down the mountain. I checked for my package which wasnt there. I waited around and got the package to sparrow and took off for food. Got a buger and a brew and headed over to the cafe where Im now at chatting to the locals and people coming through. Wrightwood is pretty rad. Its a big hiker and outdoor mountain town. IM about to head over to the farmers market then to the saloon where theres supposed to be live music and some hiker trash fun. NEXT stop is Agua dulce and the saufleys where i will be hoping to pick some stuff up. Anyways. Apocalypse out

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The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is a 2,650-mile national scenic trail that runs from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon and Washington. The PCT traverses 24 national forests, 37 wilderness areas and 7 national parks. The PCT passes through 6 out of 7 of North Americas ecozones. Learn more:


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