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Alphabetsoup - Pacific Crest Trail Journal - 2012

Entry 6 of 8
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Alphabetsoup (Soup)
City: San Diego
State: CA
Country: USA
Begins: May 1, 2012
Direction: Northbound

Daily Summary
Date: Fri, May 4th, 2012
Start: Warner Springs
End: Idyllwild

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Across the Desert Divide

With Section A finished in March, I began my journey north at Hwy 79 in warner Springs. Having spent the weekend at Kick off, I was getting really excited to finally start hiking! Irene and Jim dropped us off at the trailhead on Sunday and my legs seemed to sail down the trail as if I had never left the trail last year. I was almost in shock really, at just how well my body seemed to retain its conditioning considering how long it had been since my legs had seen any trail-six weeks to be exact... I am hiking with Mother Goose this season, I met her last year at Gobblers Knob and we have remained friends ever since. Our first day out was a short one, only about nine miles. This seemed fine to me, a breaking in period for my legs. The next day we would do seventeen and a half miles to camp at Tule Spring. Along the way I met many hikers with the same goal in mind-to get to Canada! I will do my best to remember all their names:

Upside Down, Buster, Legend, Steady, Kent, Argentina, Cabby...and Many Many Many others that I can't seem to remember off hand, but I am certain to see again.

The hike to Hwy 74 was relatively easy. The air was a cool 68 and dry, but the sun was hot. My feet seem to be doing very well this year, So far not a single blister! I guess I have my shoes and socks combo right this time around! So as I am coming over the top of Lookout mountian, off in the distance I see Tom of Kennedy Meadows at the trail head offering the weary pct traveler a slice of pizza, a banana, beer and soda! He was even gracious enough to drive me and mother goose to a campground a few miles away to get a shower then back to the Paradise Cafe to camp out for the night!

The next morning, we woke up and patiently waited for the Cafe to open. He arrived at 8am, said it was gonna be an hour wait because of remodeling...Luckily, Upside Down showed up with Trail Angel Stacey from Idyllwild who offered to drive us to the Red Kettle in Idyllwild. While we were in town, she drove us to the outfitters so I could buy some new socks, and the drug store so I could get some pain relieving rub for my sore legs, then she drove us back to Paradise cafe so we could pick up our resupply box and then to the trail head to begin to hike up the south finger of the Santa Rosa Mountains towards Mt San Jacinto.

Upside Down, Mother goose and Me started the long arduous hike toward penrod canyon, the last EASY on trail water until Tahquitz Creek. The water has a slight yellow tinge to it, but it tastes ok, and with some gatorade it goes down without any issue! This part of the hike is relatively easy. From penrod canyon the elevation gain is unforgiving as the trail winds its way up to the top of the San Jacinto Wilderness. I carry with me 3 litres of water, Just enough to get me to Fobes Saddle the next day. I wait for Mother goose and Upsidedown to catch up before heading down to the water source-half a mile DOWN the mountain. They both offer to buy me a meal in town if I take their bottles and fill them...How can I pass up TWO free meals? I can't!!!

Its not long before Upsidedown is departing our company and taking the spitzler (?) Alternate to Idyllwild. Mother Goose and I continue on. The Trail traverses the high ridgelines of the desert divide, with the Coachella Valley in the lower deserts to the east, and the green Coastal valleys and mountain ranges to the west. The climb is unforgiving as we walk to a high point of more than 8000ft over two days. Exhausted, I find a suitable spot to camp along Tahquitz Creek. A couple of hikers come through and inform me of the conditions on Fuller Ridge. I decide it's just not something I want to do...slushy deep snow in the afternoon, hard and icy in the morning for some five miles. I did fuller ridge last year, so its no big deal for me to skip it this year.

Early this morning-(5/4) we pack up and head out across the Tahquitz Valley trail to Saddle Junction and down Devils Slide Trail to Idyllwild once again, where a Hot meal, clean clothes and a BATH await! Thinking we were going to have to use the campground, we get a ride into the center of town and head immediately to the Red Kettle restaurant...a legendary PCT food stop! while we are waiting on our food, Upsidedown shows up out of nowhere and invites us to come stay with her and Trail angel Stacey for the night! Can you say BBQ?!?!?!?!?

Tomorrow, we head out to I-10 where we begin the climb to Big Bear!

Entry 6 of 8
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Soup's Big Adventure

The truly simple life exists within the zippers of my backpack,powered by my own legs, burning only natural fuel, leaving no trace I was ever there.


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