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Pinky - Pacific Crest Trail Journal - 2012

Entry 42 of 43
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Lisa "Pinky" Curry
Country: USA
Begins: Sep 2, 2012
Direction: Northbound

Daily Summary
Date: Fri, Oct 12th, 2012
Start: Benson Creek Pass
End: Rock Creek Tributary
Daily Distance: 18
Trip Distance: 477.4

Journal Stats
Entry Visits: 440
Journal Visits: 22,256
Guestbook Views: 579
Guestbook Entrys: 20

Pacific Crest Trail Map

The day before Canada

I didn't sleep very well during the night. I went to bed with all of my layers on as it was super cold but I kept waking up overheating and had to remove layer after layer as the night went on. I woke before the sun rose and could not fall back to sleep as my back was aching and I was tossing and turning. I made coffee and ate a bit of breakfast and eventually all three of us made our way out of our warm beds into the cold morning. Stix left just a bit ahead of Ahab and I. Not long after we left camp we ran into Cactus and Extra Credit who were southbounding back to Hart's Pass after reaching the Canada border (which was now less than 30 miles away!). We stopped for awhile to chat and celebrate the completion of their journey. A little while later we came across Lightweight who was also returning after reaching the border. We sat with him for a bit, exchanged hugs and went separate directions again. After we pressed on northwards I ate a snack and then experienced some major stomach cramps as soon as I finished eating. I shrugged it off and we continued to hike. As we hiked the stomach cramps stayed with me and I started to drag in my energy level. After about 10-12 miles, just prior to a big climb Ahab and I stopped for lunch. With little desire to eat I curled up for a quick nap and asked Ahab to wake me if I slept longer than 30 min. An hour and 20 min. later he and I both were woken by Blood Bank, soon followed by a long string of hikers, whom all had camped just a few miles south of us the night prior. We woke up and visited with everybody and I tried to eat a little bit of food but really had no desire to do so. My food bag was way overloaded so I handed out candy to all around me to help lighten my load (and fill their never ending hunger). After what turned out to be a long lunch break we got back on trail and began our climb.

After a few miles we caught up with Stix who had taken a lunch break at a spring and had set up his tarp to shelter him from the drizzle that had set in while he waited for us. When we arrived he packed up his lunch shelter and we hiked out together. We each had a little bit of water left so none of us topped off our bottles at the spring as we intended to fill up again at a water source a few more miles up the trail. My stomach continued to cramp at the thought of food and my energy level was low, probably due to lack of calories, but overall I didn't feel too bad and was enjoying the WA rain as we had yet to experience much other than sunshine for most of the state. We hiked on and I finished my water just before our intended stream. Ahab and Stix had also finished their water but none of us were concerned. Until, that is, that we arrived at our "stream" and found nothing but a dry rock bed. I sank down onto the trail, too tired and deflated to do anything else and Stix began to search for a small seep in the area. Ahab joined us and after awhile it became clear there was no water at this spot. There was a nice little flat camp area calling to me as I could think of nothing else but sleeping, but without water camping was not an option. We looked at our maps and the next water source was over five miles away, with a decent climb in between. The last water we recalled crossing was about a mile behind us. We discussed our options and ultimately the guys left the decision in my hands, as the often did. I loathed the thought of walking backwards for water and although the thought of five more waterless miles sounded excruciating I could not bring myself to say, "let's go back" and instead said, "let's keep going". As I picked up my pack the guys could sense that I was really not up to the hike and pressed me harder. I had not eaten since the morning, hated the thought of hiking without water, was really starting to feel completely wiped out and was bummed that the day before reaching Canada I was anything but giddy with excitement, and my eyes began to fill with tears. I then was pissed at myself for tearing up and not toughing it out, but I could not hide the tears from the guys and together we decided we needed to camp here for the night and go back to get water. I didn't love the decision, and I didn't like feeling weak, but I was also relived.

We set up shelters in the rain and Stix insisted he take all of our bottles down the trail to fill them for us. As soon as he left I curled up on my sleep pad and was out. I woke a little while later when Stix returned with the water but was fast asleep again not long after. I woke again briefly to the voices of Magellan and Pebbles, southbounding after they had reached the border earlier that morning, but I could barely pop my head out of the tent to say hello and I was back asleep again. When Ahab and Stix were getting ready for bed they woke me so I could try and eat some dinner. I made a pot of mashed potatoes, forced myself to eat about five bites, and then gave the rest to Stix to finish for me. I knew I needed to eat but I just couldn't. I fell back into a restless sleep disturbed by the empty gnawing at my stomach but unable to give it anything to settle it. After what had seemed like an entire night of waking and sleeping I looked at my watch hoping the night was close to over and my heart sank as I realized it was only 10:15pm. This began my hourly routine of waking, trying to eat just a bite of a fruit leather to give my stomach something to gnaw on and falling back to sleep for a short time. I also had to play with my clothing layers as I went to cold from hot, likely suffering from a fever. Occasionally when I would wake Ahab and Stix would also wake and chat with me a little, either teasing me to try and make me feel better or commiserating with me if they heard my moans as I slept. Eventually in the wee hours of the morning we were all able to fall asleep for a few undisturbed hours.

Entry 42 of 43
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