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Nikey - Pacific Crest Trail Journal - 2013

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City: Dallas
State: TX
Country: USA
Begins: May 4, 2013
Direction: Northbound

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Date: Thu, Apr 18th, 2013

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50 Reasons to do Long Distance Hiking

As my last pre-hike post, I have actually secured a "short-term hiking partner"...a fellow Express Employment Professionals Franchise Owner from Anaheim, CA (Jim Barden) who will be picking me up at LAX on May 4th and driving me to Wrightwood to continue my hike north. Any one else that is interested in having a hiking partner, at least as far as Lone Pine, let me know.

Even though I am only a section hiker, I have often been asked over the years, WHY DO YOU DO THIS? I would like to offer a list of reasons why people do long-distance hiking. I am sure that Thru Hikers could add at list 50 more items to this list.
I acutally shamelessly stole many of these from The New Nomades - but added a few myself, based on years of hiking/backpacking.

1. Confuse loved ones
2. See full grown men carrying parasols to protect themselves from the sun
3. Learn to wear socks with sandals without appearing geeky
4. Become an expert on how to prevent and care for blisters
5. Become very adept at knowing exactly what time it is based on the suns position in the sky and what the bugs are doing
6. Forget what day and time it is
7. Watch your hair grow
8. Watch your patience with discomfort grow
9. Quit caring what you look like
10. Learn 25 uses for duct tape
11. Feel bad-ass
12. Have an accomplishment that absolutely no one can relate to
13. Become an excellent hitchhiker
14. Finally get that one day at a time mantra youve heard others spout all your life
15. Figure out that your skin is waterproof
16. Learn how to get over the thought and embarrassment of seeing naked hippies in hot springs
17. Possibly get your moneys worth out of your health insurance
18. Fall madly in love with random beds in low-cost motels
19. Fall madly in love with an apple, or any kind of fresh fruit
20. Meet trail angels and learn the true meaning of gratitude
21. Watch people gather around water sources like animals do
22. Learn 100 uses for a bandana
23. Be amazed at what the human body can endure
24. Put your feet in a cool stream after miles of desert hiking
25. Be in the world and not of the world
26. Learn at least 15 different ways to prepare instant mashed potatoes.
27. Gain respect and awe from others without having to really do anything other than walk around
28. Make people miss you
29. Bond with strangers you wouldnt ordinarily even say hello to in passing
30. Good excuse to not bathe
31. Learn to value the little - simple things in life
32. Create more empathy with the homeless
33. Learn to simplify
34. Be judged not by the amount of money you make, but by the light weight on your back pack
35. People just have to take your word for it when you tell them where you are and why you are doing it
36. Become intoxicated by idle thoughts of hot water
37. Raise money for charity
38. Learn how squatting is good for developing balance
39. Discover yet another 10 uses for duct tape
40. Great opportunity to practice otherwise useless skills learned at scout camp
41. Give your mother an actually real reason to worry about you
42. Eat absolutely whatever you want in large quantities with no ill effect
43. Acquire stories to share for a long - long time
44. Justify purchase of expensive camera/smart phone, etc
45. Learn perseverance
46. Gape in awe at the amount of useless things you own when you return home
47. Learn to value the benefits of a good antiperspirant.
48. Learn how to cook with alcohol, but not consume it at the same time
49. Learn to really like anything from a McDonalds restaurants at any time of day
50. Become an expert in figuring out the correct direction to take at an unmarked trail junction when none are shown on your map or GPS...a very useful skill for later in life.

Help me as I support the Smokejumper Good Samartin Fund-

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Gettting Started (again)

Nikey Mikey - just call me Mikey
Continuing to raise money hiking PCT for National Smokejumper Association Good Samaritan Fund -


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