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Gregdandeneau - Pacific Crest Trail Journal - 2013

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Greg Dandeneau
City: Victoria
State: British Columbia
Country: Canada
Begins: May 1, 2013
Direction: Northbound

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Date: Sat, Apr 20th, 2013

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dehydrated food ready for mailout

prep for a sojourn

Well........flying out Tuesday morning May 1st and starting the hike that day. As I mentioned to most of you, I'll be hiking the Pacific Crest Trail for 3 1/2 months which I estimate will get me to or near the California/Oregon border some 12 to 1300 miles north of the start at the Mexican/California border. The PCT goes from the Mexican border to the Canadian border at Manning Park BC and is 2650 miles (in which I'd LOVE to have the time to do!)

I'll be hiking through about 700 miles of desert and about 5 to 600 miles of the Sierra Nevada mountain range including Yosemite National Park. Elevations range from 1000 to 14000 ft. (Mt. Whitney) above sea level. Temperatures can range from the desert floor @ 160 degrees F. (hard on footwear!) and an air temp. of over 100 at the height of the day and freezing during the night. Obviously, this is a trip of a lifetime and I feel very fortunate to be able to attempt it. The prep time and logistics were daunting. Fiona and I read 4 books on the subject, viewed countless journal entries and interviewed 2 people who've done it. We dehydrated about 3 - 400 lbs of food into just over 100 lbs, packed them into 10 mail boxes and drove them to our dear friends Dan & Nancy Stueber in Portland Oregon whom are my most trustworthy supporters (next to Fiona!). They'll be mailing me a box of food about every 5 to 10 days to towns along the route.

My 'base pack weight' (everything before food and water) is 23 lbs. The food and water can go as high as 35 lbs. depending on the miles between food resupplies and water. I've been slothing around the house since the beginning of Dec. trying to pick up some weight as we're told everyone looses a tremendous amount of weight and their shoe size grows by 2! So I'm leaving at near 180 lbs..........we'll see how I make out. Most people's diet seems to consist of a LOT of sugar for high energy bursts. Mine is mostly proteins, fats, and carbs with a bit of sugar. I fly back to Victoria August 10 via Reno Nevada. So I wish you all a fabulous summer and really look forward to seeing you in the fall!!



Entry 1 of 12
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Journal Photo

Pacific Crest Trail - 2013

"If you want to go there, check your boots and your water bottle carefully. Find the map that the old one gave you so long ago and do your best to follow it. Though often, you make the wrong turn, go astray.

Be prepared to swelter under many suns, drown in countless rivers. You will be shipwrecked may times, or else burnt to cinder, dust to dust.

Sometimes you will fall into canyons or caves, and will not know how to get out until you see a faint light coming from a crack or crevice, lit wings beckoning.

When you at last arrive, you may not remember who you are, what you are seeking, why you came. It will not matter.

Now only silence will do"

Dorothy Walters (Be prepared to Swelter)


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