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WalkingSeth - Pacific Crest Trail Journal - 2014

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Seth Argetsinger
City: Kent
State: WA
Country: USA
Begins: Apr 21, 2014
Direction: Northbound

Daily Summary
Date: Tue, Apr 22nd, 2014
Start: Hauser Creek
End: Cibbet's Flat

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Next Day

I slept pretty well overnight, but woke up every couple hours or so, sure that a snake or scorpion would be invading Space Camp. I did eventually have an invader to deal with, a little gnat or something that was buzzing my ears for 2 hours before sunrise. Little bugger. I packed up and packed out for Lake Morena, a small community and campground on a large reservoir. From where I started the day the trail went down into Hauser canyon, over the dry Hauser creek bed, then back up the other side. When I got to the creek there was a cache there with several gallons, which was very appreciated, though I didn't need any so I left it alone. It seemed to take a long time to go the 5 or so miles to L Morena. I'm still getting used to trail timing. When I got to the lake the plan was to relax there for a while before heading on. So I dropped my pack at the hiker/biker camp spot and walked up the road to the general store and had me a Dr Pepper on the porch. Then I walked back to the camp spot and met the handful of other hikers that were there in various states of relaxation. I sat around for a good couple hours, had some lunch, super-glued a crack on my toenail that I was concerned about, etc. I went back up to the store at some point and got a couple extra snacks, and I saw that they had a bunch of those little airline-sized liquor bottles. I'm not much of a drinker, but I figured any self-respecting Lonesome Cowboy oughta have some amount of whiskey in his pack, so I got a tiny Fireball. I left the camp a little after 3 and made it my goal to get the 10 or so miles to Fred Cyn Rd where I could walk over to the next water supply, Cibbet's Flat campground. I was mostly alone all afternoon and it wasn't as hot as the day before. It was very nice hiking. I was a little off pace, though, still getting used to the timing. It started to become apparent that I probably wouldn't get to the road in time to make the campground before dark. As the sun was nearing to set, though, I still felt good because I had rested for so long, I wasn't tiring, so I kept on going. I got my headlamp ready and kept putting one foot in front of the other. I passed by a couple of camps where people were settling down for the night and kept on going. When it got dark I still had a few miles to go to get to the road, but I still felt good. I looked at the time, it was 8pm. I determined that I would keep going until 9pm or the road to camp, whichever came first. The night hiking was again very pleasant. My headlamp isn't that powerful, just a little 5 LED deal, and the moon wasn't up yet, so all I could really see was the trail right in front of me, and the sillhouettes of distant hills. I caught the best view I've ever seen of Orion the Hunter over a ridge to my left. Every star was bright and crisp and I could totally see him standing there pulling back on his bow with a scabbard hanging from his belt. There was a little stretch where the night hiking got a little sketchy. It was on the side of a ridge and a little steep. I had to stay very focused on the path right in front of me to avoid any ankle grabbers or nasty rocks. A trip right then would have very likely gone very, very badly. That went on for about 20 minutes. After that it was getting down to the wire whether I would make the road or not before my 9pm deadline. I saw the reflection off a sign up ahead and thought maybe it was the road. Nope, it was a sign warning of unexploded military ordnance in the area. Just the thing you want to see in the pitch of night. But the road was just beyond that. I found a sign that said Cibbet's Flat .6 miles this way. It was a very, very long .6 miles. I was tired now and just wanted to plop down and go to sleep. When I finally got to the campground and started wandering in to try and find a spot it only took about 2 minutes before a gentleman with a white beard was approaching me. He led me over to his site and showed me to a spot next to a tree where I could pitch my tent. Sweet. I thanked him and he retired to his van and I started setting up camp. It had been a while since I pitched my baby, and it was quite dark, so I stumbled a little at each step. At one point a super jerky gust of wind came out of nowhere and tried to lift my tent off the ground, but it was already staked in a couple spots, so it went underneath and blew my ground sheet right out from under it. Oh well, we'll survive one night without the ground sheet. I supped on a few oreos, jotted down in my journal how great I felt, and went to sleep.

Entry 3 of 5
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Seth's Second Sally

It's great to be alive, even better to be free.


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