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Pprovost - Pacific Crest Trail Journal - 2014

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Pierre Provost "Jackrabbit" Paul Dally
City: Vancouver
State: WA
Country: USA
Begins: Sep 15, 2014
Direction: Northbound

Daily Summary
Date: Fri, Oct 3rd, 2014
Start: Burney Falls State Park
End: Random Road
Daily Distance: 20.5
Trip Distance: 278.5

Journal Stats
Entry Visits: 413
Journal Visits: 7,475
Guestbook Views: 514
Guestbook Entrys: 4

Pacific Crest Trail Map

A day without much water, for a time

I got up fairly early as I wanted to get breakfast at this nice local breakfast place 3 miles down the road that David and I hit 3 years ago. Apparently it has changed hands since then but is still quite good. It opened at 0700so I wanted to be out and hitching at 0630, just as morning light is brightening. I was a little delayed with an early morning text from my daughter Amy in College, with a stress fracture of her hip from running. After a reassuring conversation, I was out hitching in the cold. Not much in the way of traffic but a guy in a beater car stopped after I had hiked about a mile and delivered me to the doorstep of the restaurant.
I had a fabulous breakfast, sausage egg scramble (the vegetarian in me is temporally suspended during long hiking adventures) and again hit the road with my next hitch in front of me to Burney Falls State Park. I even had my sign all filled out from Sierra City. I walked about 1/4 mile down the road to an intersection where it made sense to set up to put out my thumb and a little to my dismay, there was this huge 18 wheeler parked off to the side at the intersection, right where i was thinking of standing. As I approach, I saw the driver of the truck outside, checking out his rig. I approached and held out my sign with a smile, he kind of looked at me, semi-acknowledging me, so I continued toward him and I had to ask outright if he was good with giving me a ride. He kind of grunted and said for me to go around to the other side to get in! I didn't even have to stick out my thumb! He moved some stuff he had in the passenger spot and I climbed up and in. I had never had a ride in an 18 wheeler before. We were off down the road in an instant, 28 miles to Burney Falls. We ended up chatting quite a bit. He was a russian guy who has been in this country for about 20 years, 5 kids, 4 grand kids, all in the Sacramento area. He owns his own truck and was hauling medicines or some pharmacy thing, apparently quite heavy, who knows what. Near Burney, the town, he had to take a left where I went straight so he pulled the rig over and let me out.
I set up on the other side of the intersection and within 10 minutes, another ride had me to the entrance of the state park. I got some water, walked down the Nature trail and north on the trail. I came to beautiful Rock creek, which was cool and refreshing with plenty of water. It had warmed up to be hot and I had lunch in the shade under the bridge. Nine miles ahead was the cold overflowing Peavine creek where David and I had camped and turned around in defeat several years ago. I planned my next water there as there was not much water for a while after that. As I pulled into the creek, it was no more than a bit of damp sand and mud, covered with buzzing black hornets sucking up every last drop of moisture. Hmmm... a reassessment. Not much to do than move forward. I did not have much water but I knew eventually I would get to some, somewhere. There were sometimes little signs indicating a spring nearby. Just before dinner would have been, there was just such a sign, near a road that I had written off as a source, 0.1 mile down this dirt road. Payday! From under this old dirt road was a culvert with a really nice trickle of cold water. Saved! I chugged a liter and a half and carried off 3.5 liters for dinner, breakfast and the next morning.
I hiked until about 6:30 and I found a random spot in the woods a little off trail and set up camp, very happy to have enough water to cook dinner, instead of having the next days lunch of trail mix.

Entry 16 of 17
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PCT California

Happy Trails!


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