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- Pacific Crest Trail Journal - 2017

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City: Copenhagen
Country: Denmark
Begins: Apr 4, 2017
Direction: Northbound

Daily Summary
Date: Sun, May 14th, 2017
Start: Hiker Haven
End: Tehachapi
Daily Distance: 16
Trip Distance: 512.0

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Journal Visits: 7,588
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Pacific Crest Trail Map

Rattlers and the mojave

We left hiker haven a bit before noon in the desert heat. We had planned to hit Casa de Luna as our next stop in 24 miles. Since we didn't wanna do the entire stretch in one afternoon, we split it up in two half days of hiking.

A couple of miles out I was cruising and didn't consider the trail in front of me very much. This led to a close encounter with a rattlesnake, which I nearly stepped on. I jumped back a few meters and stared a the lazy fellow, who was enjoying the sun right on the middle of the trail. It didn't even rattle at me, but was watching me carefully. I threw some rocks at it, trying to make it move, but it was very stubborn. After 4-5 minutes I ran out of rocks and turned aroubd to get one behind me. When I turned back around, the snake was gone. That really freaked me out, because it could be anywhere. I decided my plan of action was to slowly walk forward. That worked until I was at the point were the snake had been.. then I ran like I was being chased. It was scary and i had to take a minute afterwards to calm down, so I walked slower for a little bit. But the snakes wouldn't leave me alone and literally 2 minutes later i was startled by another snake. Even though it wasn't a rattler, then I had no idea if it was poisonous or not. So.. I decided to just go off-trail and walk around it, while I carefully watched the snake.
Getting in to Casa de Luna, there were a lot of fog in the air and we had heard rumors about a rainstorm coming up. Nothing happened and we were completely dry when we got there. But less than an hour later, it started pouring cats and dogs. We were underneath a pavilion with a bunch of beer and snacks, so it was actually really cozy. Definetly not the feeling that the people getting there in the afternoon had. They were wet and cold, so we felt lucky, that we had dodged it.
Casa de Luna is a private home owned by Terrie Anderson, who loves hikers. Her place has a massive back yard for hikers to sleep in and every night she cooks up a taco salad for all the hikers staying there. Apart from that it was quite unhygenic and it was hard to understand how you could live every day in a place like this. It was fun to be there for one day and Terrie was a lovely person.

Now we pushed towards Hikertown, which marks the beginning of the LA aquaduct. A stretch of 24 miles known for being extremely hot and dry during the day. For this reason a lot of hikers walk it at night and so did we. We started crossing this corner of the mojave desert at 8:30 in the evening. It was an interesting alternative to hiking in the light of day, but we were fairly tired after just a few miles, since we usually go to bed at 9:00. But we follow the stars in the sky, which were shining very brightly, giving us a bit if light to walk by. At 3:00 in the morning we set camp on top of one of the wells of the aquaduct. Watching the stars and listening to the sound of running water from the aquaduct we fell asleep.
We slept four hours and woke up the morning heat. Being sleepy and tired we still managed to do another 24 miles, making our total 40 miles in less than 24 hours.
The next morning we only had a short walk of 8 miles to get into the town of Tehachapi. It was so cool to be in this town. It had seemed so far away, when we planned the trip and completely unreachable, but now we were actually here, after doing more than 550 miles.
In town we stayed at a Best Western, where they had a hot tub. This was amazing! We sat in it all afternoon, drinking beer, relaxing our tired muscles, so we would be ready for the next part of our adventure.

Entry 19 of 20
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Journal Photo

Pacific Crest Trail - 2017

Laurids Leo Muenier
Naturally it is the call of the wild!


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