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Aandg - Pacific Northwest Trail Journal - 2015

Entry 69 of 98
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Alistair and Gail
City: Coleman
State: Alberta
Country: Canada
Begins: Jul 3, 2015
Direction: Westbound

Daily Summary
Date: Sat, Sep 5th, 2015
Start: Road AD1000 SSW of Wickersnam
End: 0.5 mile North of Alger
Daily Distance: 13.9
Trip Distance: 847.8
Entry Lat: 48.62542
Entry Lng: -122.335424
Min Temp: 46
Max Temp: 75

Journal Stats
Entry Visits: 55
Journal Visits: 8,762
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Journal Plan

Pacific Northwest Trail Map

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91 is not too old to do trail work

Trail maintainers on Anderson Mountain then a good supper in Alger

No more rain in the night that I'm aware of. Again when I get up in the night for a pee there are speckled moon effects on the tent. The temperature is 46F(8C) when I get up at 5:45. I notice a blister under my right big toe so burst that. I make oatmeal with added coconut on this section. It feels cool and damp as we leave at 7:30. I suppose this will be normal as we get nearer the coast.

The clear sky soon clouds over with the rising mist/cloud. A guy on an ATV goes by at about 7:45. It's a steeper road climb than some we have been on. There is plenty of water in creeks and other channels and a few blackberries to eat on the bushes by the road. After we turn right at 2160’ at 9:15 we see the guy on the ATV coming down. We talk with him for a while. He is deer hunting with a bow. He saw a black bear soon after passing us earlier and seems happier with that sighting than not seeing a deer. He tells of being once so close to some young deer that he does not shoot but sends them away to enjoy life more. We then stop a bit higher up for a snack from about 9:45 to 10:10. At the trail turnoff point we look at the sky and see some bright patches so decide to take the trail route. It is at first on an old road then on a trail. I then see 2 people coming towards us clearing debris and trimming branches. The Melchers are pleased to see thru hikers using the trail they have worked on for 25 years. They are part of a group working on this trail today. They go out on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays each month but the dry summer has prevented the use of power tools until now. We come to a road and walk a short way to the next bit of trail all marked with white blazes, single, double or triple, we are not sure what the latter two really mean. We first saw these markings for a while after joining the main route after Concrete. It is a steep climb up the north ridge of Anderson mountain and we see lots of blue sky above. We come to the next group of maintainers where we join an old road at the high point of the route. We chat to them a bit and get a view of a lake. I suggest they use the saw to give us a better view! Further on we meet the third group which includes a guy aged 91. We talk to Jean, the lead guy about swift creek and Mount Josephine. There is a political dispute about maintaining the Josephine trail.

We find a sunny spot and stop for lunch between 12:30 and 13:30. We dry the tent and other stuff. Again Gail gives me a tortilla which I have with some cheese bought for suppers at Glacier. We do not have much water as we expect to find some on the descent. We walk down the road then turn onto a trail marked with white blazes. It is in rougher shape particularly in the open areas. In places branches had been cut and left on the trail. I move some of them. The trail wanders around a lot so again the map does not represent the trail on the ground. I spy a pool of water in a creek course so we get a litre each of water. We then join a road and go up before descending switchbacks to come to another road. Here there is a really good blackberry patch with some berries far too high to reach. I eat at least 20 before moving on. I can feel the blisters forming under my big toe again but we carry on and reach the main road to Alger at about 16:45. This is straight and has a reasonable gravel shoulder so we don't fear for our lives like on highway 9.

We go into the Alger bar and grill at 17:30. We find a plug and plug in the sat phone which ran out of power yesterday morning. We each have a bud light lime like what we had by Palmer Lake then I order the pork chops special and Gail orders the nachos supreme. 2 thick pork chops preceded by taco soup. I also help Gail with the nachos but still do not feel full. The bar tender fills a platypus with water for us. We leave at about 19:00 and walk back up the road and head north on the trail which is a private road but obviously not used as a road now. After the road levels out we descend slightly and at 19:30 see a grassy open area so this is camp for the night. I run to the bushes while Gail puts the tent up. No rain today!! However we must be thankful for the rain. The ATV guy we met earlier said that 2 weeks ago there was not a stream running on Anderson mountain. We have m&ms for dessert. After typing the day’s notes I burst the 2 blisters again.

Entry 69 of 98
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Journal Photo

Alistair And Gail On The PNT

The 1200 mile Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail (PNNST), running from the Continental Divide to the Pacific Ocean, ranks among the most scenic trails in the world. This carefully chosen path is high for the views and long on adventure. It includes the Rocky Mountains, Selkirk Mountains, Pasayten Wilderness, North Cascades, Olympic Mountains, and Wilderness Coast. The trail crosses 3 National Parks and 7 National Forests. Learn more:


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