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Trpost - Te Araroa Trail Journal - 2019

Entry 31 of 53
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Tim Post
City: Winchester
State: Virginia
Country: USA
Begins: Dec 11, 2019
Direction: Southbound

Daily Summary
Date: Thu, Jan 10th, 2019
Start: Puhoi
End: Orewa
Daily Distance: 16.2
Trip Distance: 537.9
Hours Hiked: 6.5
Min Temp: 61
Max Temp: 75
Breaks: 1
People Met: 10

Journal Stats
Entry Visits: 72
Journal Visits: 2,253
Guestbook Views: 8
Guestbook Entrys: 1

Day 30

Great day, time to take 3 days off.

Realized I passed 500km yesterday.

Had too much beer last night, had to get up to pee at least 4 times. Tried
to sleep in this morning, but the sun cane right in the tent.

Made coffee and had a breakfast bar about 8, then walked over to see if the
canoe place had hours listed. They didn't, so I decided to wait until after
9 and then call them. Packed up my stuff and called and they said I could
get a kayak, so no long roadwalk or hitchhiking for me.

Went back to the pub about 9:45, since they were supposed to open at 10,
and I wanted breakfast. They were getting ready, with the same barmaid
there from last night. She had me go inside for a while because she was
using a leaf blower to clean the porch area, then she came inside and
sprayed something to kill the flies.

Finally around 10:15 they took my order, a flat white and a Kiwi breakfast,
which had sausage, bacon, eggs, toast, mushrooms, tomato and toast. A nice
big breakfast.

I finally finished and headed over to the outfitter, a few minutes after
the 10:45 I was supposed to be there. The people were very friendly, and
set me up right away. While waiting for the briefing, I started talking to
a lady and her 5 year old granddaughter who were also kayaking the river.
I told the little girl we could race, but she would probably beat me
because she would be such a great paddler. They went ahead of me onto the
water, and the little girl was crying because she was afraid.

Got on to the river in my single kayak, which was a lot less stable than
the double I used for the previous kayak trip. It didn't take long before I
was comfortable though. The trip down the river was really fun. The tide
was going out, so I had the current with me, and I knew I didn't need to
rush, so I would paddle a bit and then coast. Took a short side trip up a
tributary to where an old bridge went halfway across. It looked like maybe
it was an old swing bridge.

Once I got down to the estuary it got a bit tougher, as the wind was
against me and there was a bit of chop. I saw the lady and her
granddaughter in front of me for the first time. I headed for the
sailboats we were told to aim for, and checked them out. It looked like
they hadn't been used in a while. The end point was not far from there, and
I reached my kayak right after the lady. The little girl was smiling, and
smiled even more when I told her I was trying to catch them but they were
too fast.

Took my time getting ready to leave after I got my pack back, talking to
the canoe outfitters. They were really nice people. Finally got walking
about 2:30.

The trail in Wenderholm park runs up around the headland, where a Maori Pa
used to be. It was a good climb up there, with a few good views, then the
trail went across a bridge, and out onto the beach and around a bunch of
headlands. Because I had kayaked, the tide was out enough to make the walk
possible. It was really fun, but a bit slow. All kinds of cool rock
formations, caves, tidal pools, etc. Nothing too difficult at half tide
with it going out, but I did have to pick my way sometimes. I could see the
neighborhood around the area, but again I was on empty beaches. I saw one
guy walking the other way.

Got around the last headland then across a beach and up some stairs to a
walkway next to the road, then back down to the beach. Got to the hotel
about 5:30. Went out for fish and chips and a couple of beers, then went to
the supermarket as I realized yesterday I had lost my toothbrush and
toothpaste, probably either left it at Pakiri Beach or had it fall out of
my pack leaving there. Looked for new boot laces too, but couldn't find any.

Also discovered today that I have officially been in Auckland for the last
2 days, and I could have gotten a regular city bus into town instead of
taking the Intercity. It would have cost about half, and would have had
many more departure times. Oh well.

I will be off now until Monday. Tomorrow and Saturday I will be in Auckland
Central Business District, then Sunday I will be in Hamilton. Monday I will
walk out of Hamilton the track.

Entry 31 of 53
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