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Trpost - Te Araroa Trail Journal - 2019

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Tim Post
City: Winchester
State: Virginia
Country: USA
Begins: Dec 11, 2019
Direction: Southbound

Daily Summary
Date: Sat, Feb 2nd, 2019
Start: Jerusalem convent
End: Downes Hut
Trip Distance: 799.0

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Entry Visits: 30
Journal Visits: 2,830
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River day 6

Got up pretty late this morning. Had a bit of problem sleeping, as the bed
was soft and kind of leaned. Plus, I found it I could get WiFi, so spent
some time checking email and sending some as well.

Talked with Lynn, the lady running the place in the morning. Turns out she
is a Professor at Victoria University and is writing a book about Maori
culture. She answered the question I have been asking about how the Maori
escaped the diseases the Europeans brought. The answer is they didn't,
their population went from 250,000 to only 37,000, but because they all
spoke the same language and mostly uniited against the Europeans, and they
had advanced warfare skills, they held there own. The lateness and limited
number of colonists may have helped as well.

I told Pauline and Arnoud about the wifi, so they were on the internet
while I was talking to Lynn and also taking pictures of the house and
church. We finally loaded up our barrels into Lynn's car and she drove us
down to the nearest place to where we left the canoes. As always, the
others had to carry my barrels.

We finally started on the river at 11. It was very windy and the wind
seemed to be against us most of the day. We were originally going to stop
at the Flying Fox, a cafe on the trail, but when we got there we changed
our minds. We had already had a lunch break, it was a steep bank to climb
and not a great landing, and no one really cared if we got a hot drink or

Rapids were fine today, but a little tough to tell they were coming between
the noise of the wind and the waves it made on the water.

My hands were hurting pretty badly by the end of the day. Fortunately
Pauline had some ibuprofen, and I also took a Prednisone.

The hut was nice, but way up the hill and along the bank. It was hard to
get to and the landing was not very good. I had to get out on a lot of g
and balance my way to a muddy shore. Not easy on crutches.

There were a lot of goats along the river today. Considering they are an
invasive species here that they are trying to eradicate, I was very

We ate potato chips for an appetizer and then had our usual one pot
dinners. We decided we need to race Pauline's stove and mine. Hers boils
water really fast, but the she adds the water to the noodles and waits,
while I use mine to simmer. Hers is definitely more efficient as she has
only used one container of gas that is half the size of the ones I use.

Bedtime was fairly early, about 9. There are 3 of us on a 5 person
platform, so we have plenty of room.

Entry 52 of 53
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Te Araroa North Island

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