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Trpost - Te Araroa Trail Journal - 2019

Entry 53 of 53
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Tim Post
City: Winchester
State: Virginia
Country: USA
Begins: Dec 11, 2019
Direction: Southbound

Daily Summary
Date: Sun, Feb 3rd, 2019
Start: Downes Hut
End: across from Hipalgo Park
Trip Distance: 799.0

Journal Stats
Entry Visits: 152
Journal Visits: 2,550
Guestbook Views: 8
Guestbook Entrys: 1

River day 7

Up this morning after a mixed night. Apparently Arnaud and I snored enough
to make Pauline get out her ear plugs, which woke me up. Then when I was
trying to quietly leave to pee, the bolt on the door make a loud noise that
I know woke Pauline up and probably Arnaud as well. We all ended up getting
up about 8, eating breakfast and moving everything the long walk down to
the boats.

I discovered last night that I can stick water bottles into the front of my
life jacket to carry them, so I carried the water bottles down to the
canoes while everyone else carried the heavy barrels

We got underway this morning early, at 9:35. The river was relatively easy
today as the wind was not as strong in the morning, and sometimes was
behind us helping. We had a few rapids, but nothing bad and no swampings.
We stopped for lunch on a gravel bar which was easy to get around on with
crutches, and had some rocks the perfect size to sit on. Arnaud and Pauline
went swimming, but I was not too hot so I stayed out of the water.

Didn't see anyone on the water yesterday, and today we saw one jet ski. We
thought we would see more jet boats during the weekend, but didn't see a
single one.

After lunch the wind picked up and sometimes was against us so we had to
paddle a bit more, but we still reached camp by 3.

The description of where the camp was didn't have a lot of detail, so we
stopped at a landing and Pauline walked around to see if she could find the
site. She couldn't, so we crossed the river to a good landing area. We saw
the old steamboat landing mentioned in the notes across the river, so
Arnaud swam over to check it out while Pauline and I checked out the side
the canoes were on. Arnaud found the camp, but there was no good canoe
landing and it was up a steep bank and then a long walk away. The side
Pauline and I was on had a gently sloping path to some grassy level spots.
We decided we would camp on our side instead of at the official site.
Pauline had walked all around and not found a fence or any indication that
anytime was around, so we figured we would be ok

They brought the barrels up and I brought up my water bladder. (I had lost
my water bottle in a swamping, then Pauline gave me a water bottle, which I
left on the gravel bar at lunch, so I only had the bladder left.) Once
everything was near where we were going to camp, Arnaud and I went back to
the river to get water. We are finally in a spot where I could get up and
down from camp to the river reasonably quickly. I carried 3l up the hill
and Arnaud brought up a Seas to Summit bucket full. I filtered mine while
we used his for cleaning the mud off of ourselves.

We sat around talking for a while, and reading and writing journals. While
doing this Arnaud decided he was going to kill sand flies. He put a towel
on his lap and when they landed on it he slapped them. It was pretty funny
to watch

Pauline and I "raced" our stoves today. Hers boils water much faster, but
she then puts the boiling water onto her pasta and let's it soak to cook. I
simmer mine. My pasta was ready first, but at much greater fuel use. While
cooking supper I couldn't find my spoon so we had a bit of a scramble
looking for it in the long grass before I found it under the edge of my
life jacket. Couldn't finish my dinner tonight, not sure if I made more
than before or if the potato chips I shared with Pauline killed my

After supper Pauline and I went back down to the river to check on the
tide. The river had dropped about a foot. This concerns me since low tide
on the charts we were given should have been at least 2 hours before, so
the table for the mouth of the river is off for up here. We decided we may
have to leave even later than we thought tomorrow, but with only 20km to go
that shouldn't be a big deal.

Arnaud went off to his tent fairly early, and Pauline and I sat under the
tree talking until it started to get dark. When I got into my tent there
were hundreds of little bugs inside. Took me a good 5 minutes to get most
of them killed by shining my light to attract them and then slapping them.

Entry 53 of 53
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