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Goin Home
Plan for Sean "mtnrat" Staplin

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# Resupply Location Distance Days Zero
Notes/Mailing Info
1 Crazy Cook to Lordsburg 84 0 0 Get 2 days food
2 Lordsburg to Silver City 60 0 0 Get 7 days food to last till Pie Town.
3 Silver City to Pie Town 176 0 0 May have rest day at Doc Campbells. Pick up mail drop of food and maps in Pie Town. May go BC to Omega after Gila River, and hitch to Pie & back. Gotta have PIE.
4 Pie Town To Grants 82 0 0 BC or Ley of combo. Definitely do Zuni Acoma Tr. Resupply in town.
5 Grants to Cuba 112 0 0 BC route. Resupply
6 Cuba to Cumbres Pass CO. 145 0 0 May zero in Ghost Ranch. Get winter stuff in Chama. May meet Clyde and Caroline, from Sante Fe who offered all the accoutrements, and mail drop for ice axe, crampons, new shoes, top ups etc. That would be a great way to finish New Mexico. Resupply.
7 Cumbres to Spring Creek Pass 200 0 0 Depending on how I feel I may break this up and hitch from Wolf Creek Pass to Pagosa Springs for resupply. 200 mi in the San Juans would be a pretty big bite to take. Not so much the distance as hauling the food. Hitch to Lake City for resupply
8 Spring Cr. Pass to Monarch Pass 100 0 0 Hitch to Salida and zero. Resupply
9 Monarch Pass to Breckenridge 155 0 0 Resupply. Get maps? May meet Keith in Breck.
10 Breckenridge to Grand Lake 130 0 0 Resupply.
11 Grand Lake to Rabbit Ears Pass 125 0 0 Mileage includes the RMNP loop. Hitch to Steamboat to resupply. Send food drop to South Pass City!
12 Rabbit Ears Pass to Rawlins Wy. 168 0 0 Have shoes, top ups and Maps sent to Rawlins.
13 Rawlins to South Pass City 116 0 0 Pick Up food drop sent from Steamboat.
14 South Pass City to Union Pass 132.8 0 0 Route will include Cirque of the Towers and the high route over Bonney Pass, Dinwoody Glacier. Attempt Gannett Peak if weather allows. Hitch to Dubois to resupply. Call Jellystone for permit.
15 Union Pass to Old Faithful 166 0 0 Through Togwotee Pass to Brooks Lake via Sublette Peak. Resupply in the madness of Jellystone. Hello yogi and boo boo.
16 Old Faithful to Monida 132 0 0 Send Food Drop & maps & shoes
17 Monida to Chief Joseph Pass 226 0 0 Will resupply in Leadore if needed. Trying not to hitch if I don't have to. Carrying food for 160 mi is fine. 226, hmmm.
18 #1 Chief Joseph to Anaconda 105 0 0 May take Anaconda Cutoff. Resupply. Leave BC 53 at Goat Flats
19 Anaconda to Helena 75 0 0 Get back on at BC 68, Champion Pass, to Helena for resupply.
20 #2 Chief Joseph to Butte 127 0 0 If follow BC route. Resupply in Butte of send mail drop to Homestake
21 Butte to Helena 140 0 0 Hitch 15 mi to Helena for Resupply
22 Helena to BenchMark 125 0 0 Pick Up mail drop
23 Benchmark to East Glacier 136 0 0 Try to get on top of Chinese Wall via White River Pass. Traverse Chinese wall and try to find high route over Red Head Peak coming down at Sock Lake or past Lake Levale. Might not be doable but will have a look. Resupply in East Glacier.
24 East Glacier to Waterton Town 105 0 0 Almost done. Resupply for home
25 Waterton Town to Fernie 70 0 0 Sleep in own Bed.
Totals:    3192.8 0

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