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Plan for Fauli3D

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Trip of my Life
# Resupply Location Distance Days Zero
Notes/Mailing Info
1 Campo Start 0 0 0 El Cajon (Full Grocery Store)
2 Mt Laguna 0 0 0 Julian to Warner Springs Julian Market & Deli (Medium Store) My Name c/o The Mount Laguna Lodge, Mount Laguna, CA 919048-0146. Hold for PCT hiker My Name, ETA
3 Warner Springs 0 0 1 Warner Springs gas station (Small Store)
4 Idylwild 0 0 0 Idyllwild to Big Bear Fairway Foods (Full Grocery Store) Fairway Foods is large store hidden in shopping center with Post Office behind European bakery. Fairway Foods doesn't carry name brands in all products My Name c/o General Delivery, Post Office, Idyllwild, CA 92549. Hold for PCT hiker MyName, ETA
5 Big Bear City 0 0 2 Big Bear to Cajon Pass 2.5 Vons (Full Grocery Store) Two stores in town. Vons was nicer and had everything.
6 Wrightwood 0 0 0 Cajon Pass to Aqua Dulce 3.5 Chevron gas station (Small Store) Not the easiest of resupplies expesive
7 Aqua Ducle 0 0 0 Aqua Dulce to Highway 138 2.25 Sweetwater Farms (Full Grocery Store) Great Grocery Store with coffee, milkshakes, fruit. Resupplied for most of High Sierras 9 day supply here. MY Name c/o The Saufley's, 11861 Darling Road, Agua Ducle, CA 91390. Hold for PCT hiker, ETA
8 Tehachapi 0 0 0 Highway 138 to Tehachapi 1.5 The Country Store (Small Store) Chairs, table, milk, ice cream. Very Limited, but doable. Tehachapi to Onyx 3 Albertson's (Full Grocery Store) Full Resupply in Tehachapi
9 Kennedy Meadows 0 0 1 Kennedy Meadows to Mammoth Lakes 10 Aqua Dulce (Full Resupply) My Name c/o General Delivery, Kennedy Meadows General Store, 96740 Beach Meadow Road Inyokern, CA 93527. Hold for PCT hiker MyName, ETA
10 Mammoth Lakes / Independence 0 0 0 Mammoth Lakes to Bridgeport 3.5 Vons (Full Grocery Store) My Name c/o General Delivery, Post Office, Independence, CA 93526. Hold for PCT hiker MyName, ETA
11 Vermillion Valley Resort 0 0 0 Vermillion Valley Resort c/o Rancheria Garage, 62311 Huntington Lake Road Lakeshore, CA 93634. Hold for PCT hiker MyName, ETA
12 Tuolumne Meadows 0 0 0 My Name c/o General Delivery, Tuolumne MEADOWS, Yosemite NP, CA 95389. Hold for PCT hiker MyName, ETA
13 Sonora Pass (Bridgeport) 0 0 0 Bridgeport to South Lake Tahoe 2.5 Buster's Market (Medium Grocery Store) Buster's is pricey.
14 South Lake Tahoe 0 0 4 South Lake Tahoe to Soda Springs 1.5 Safeway (Full Grocery Store)
15 Soda Springs 0 0 0 Soda Springs to Sierra City 1.5 Soda Springs General Store (Small Grocery Store)
16 Sierra City 0 0 2 Sierra City to Bucks Lake 2.25 Sierra City Country Store (Small/Medium Grocery Store) Great Store. Does not have everything, but more than enough to Bucks Lake, or Belden.
17 Bucks Lake to Belden 0 0 0 Bucks Lake to Belden 1.25 Bucks Lake Restaurant & Store Very pricey, and Limited. Would resupply from Sierra City to Belden. Good place to top off snacks (Pop Tarts, Candy Bars)
18 Chester 0 0 2 Chester to Old Station 1.5 Holiday Foods (Full Grocery Store)
19 Old Station to Town of Burney 0 0 0 Old Station to Town of Burney 1.25 Old Station Convenience Store (Small Store) Limited Resupply. Jerky, Ramen, Pop Tarts, Potatoe Chips. Small Cook Counter with ice cream and milkshakes. Buy Snacks only here to get you to the Town of Burney.
20 Burney Falls State Park 0 0 2 Town of Burney to Mt Shasta 3 Safeway (Full Grocery Store) Burney Falls State Park (mile 1423.9) has snacks and microwaveable foods. Can eat a meal/snack here and avoid taking it from Burney. My Name c/o Burney Park Camp Store, McArthur Burney Falls State Park, 24900 State Highway 89 Burney Falls, CA 96013. Hold for PCT hiker MyName, ETA
21 Mt Shasta 0 0 0 Mt Shasta to Etna 3 Ray's Food (Full Grocery Store) Berryvale Natural Food Store next door to Post Office.
22 Etna 0 0 2 Etna to Seiad Valley Closed to Fires Ray's Food (Medium Grocery Store) Resupplied here for Seiad Valley to Ashland.
23 Seiad Valley 0 0 0 Seiad Valley to Ashland 2 Seiad Valley Store (Small Store) Snacks. Carry dinners from Etna.
24 Ashland 0 0 0 Ashland to Crater Lake (Mazama Village) 3 Albertsons (Full Grocery Store) There are a number of Grocery Stores in town. Food Co-Op has variety for specialty shopper.
25 Crater Lake (Mazama Village) 0 0 2 Crater Lake (Mazama Village) to Shelter Cove Resort 2.25 Mazama Village Store (Small Store) New Store and Restaurant. Store was well Stocked for a small store. Restaurant has buffet.
26 Shelter Cove 0 0 0 Shelter Cove Resort to Elk Lake Resort 1.5 Shelter Cove Store (Small Store) Very Expensive. Limited, but doable. My Name c/o Mazama Village Store, PO Box 158, Crater Lake, OR 97604. Hold for PCT hiker MyName, ETA
27 Shelter Cove Resort 0 0 0
28 Big Lakes Youth Camp 0 0 0 Timberline Lodge My Name c/o Timberline Ski Area, Wy'East Store Timberline Lodge, OR 97028. Hold for PCT hiker MyName, ETA
29 Cascade Locks 0 0 0 Cascade Locks to White Pass 4.5 Columbia Market (Medium Grocery Store) Stabler's Country Store (mile 2189.1) - Geared towards hikers. Snacks and resupply to top off from Cascade Locks. No need to carry snacks here from Cascade Locks. Wish I would have known. Friendly store owner.
30 White Pass 0 0 2 White Pass to Snoqualmie Pass 2.75 IGA (Medium / Full Grocery Store) in Packwood My Name c/o Kracker Barrel, 48851 US Highway 12 Naches, WA 98937. Hold for PCT hiker MyName, ETA
31 Snoqualmie Pass 0 0 0 Snoqualmie Pass to Skykomish 2.75 Chevron + small grocery store Small grocery store has a fair amount of supplies for hikers, added with Chevron, it worked
32 Skykomish 0 0 0 Skykomish to Stehekin 3.5 Chevron (Small Store) + Skykomish Deli / Bakery Between the Chevron and the Bakery
33 Steven Pass 0 0 2 tehekin to Manning Park Lodge 2.75 Stehekin Bakery + Lodge Store (very small store) Both places are Expensive. Carry cinnamon rolls, sandwich, brownies from the Bakery. The Lodge Store only has cup-o-soups, candy bars, small bags of chips. You can make It!My Name c/o Summit Inn PO Box 163 Snoqualmie Pass, WA 98068 Hold for PCT hiker MyName, ETA
34 Stehkin 0 0 0 My Name c/o General Delivery, Post Office Stehekin, WA 98852. Hold for PCT hiker MyName, ETA
35 Manning Park BC Finish 0 0 0 Made it!
Totals:    0.0 0

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