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Good Times
Plan for Jordan "Good Times" Schiller

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Good TImes Plan Description
# Resupply Location Distance Days Zero
Notes/Mailing Info
1 Mt. Laguna 42.9 mi 5 3 There is a small store so no need to mail food. The three zero days are for the ADZ.
2 Warner Springs 67.7 mi 3 0 I am doing a mail drop.
3 Anza 43.1 mi 2 0 7 mile hitchhike into town for a mini resupply. The main attraction is real food.
4 Idyllwild 26.5 mi 3 1 With over 5000 feet of elevation gain, I am taking this part slow. This is a big trail town, so I am also taking a zero day.
5 Big Bear City 96.1 mi 6 1 Looking forward to a movie and a shower in Big Bear. No need for another mail drop here.
6 Wrightwood 89.6 mi 6 1 Another zero day here to visit some friends. Also, no need for a mail drop in this town.
7 Agua Dulce 89.0 mi 6 1 Looking forward to going back to LA for a day to see some friends. Also, I get to stay at the world famous Saufley's.
8 Tehachapi 100.2 mi 7 0 The reason for the seven days is, I well take half day at Hiker Town, and another at Tehachapi. I well also be doing a mail drop at Hiker Town.
9 Onyx 92.7 mi 5 0 I well have a mail drop here. Also, this stop envolves a 17 mile hitchhike.
10 Kennedy Meadows 49.2 mi 4 1 I well have a gear and food mail drop here. This is the gate to the Sierra's, so I'll do some prep work, and change my pack to fit my new conditions.
11 Lone Pine 42.0 mi 2 0 This town envolves a 22.8 mile hitchhike. But, it well be worth it.
12 Independence 45.4 mi 3 0 This small town has everything I'll need.
13 Vermillion Valley Resort 86.9 mi 7 1 This part of the trail has a 14841 ft EG. Also I'll have a zero to climb Mt. Whitney.
14 Tuolumne Meadows 65.5 mi 5 1 I love it here, so I know I'll want a zero. I well also be having a mail drop.
15 Sonora Pass 76.4 mi 4 0 Mail drop time.
16 Echo Lake Resort 76.2 mi 5 1 Small town, but no need for mail drop.
17 Sierra City 102.1 mi 10 3 In this section I'll make a stop off at Lake Tahoe for two zero days, and also a zeo at Sierra City. No need for a mail drop in this section.
18 Belden 91.7 mi 5 0 I well have a mail drop here.
19 Chester 46.5 mi 2 0 Another mail drop, what is going on here? As you can tell, I am not a big fan of mail drops.
20 Old Station 41.9 mi 3 1 There is some great pizza here, or so I'm told. Hey, no mail drop!
21 Burney Falls State Park 45.9 mi 2 0 Small store, so I should be good. I think I am going to risk no mail drop.
22 State Park to Castella 82.9 mi 6 1 I well hitchhike to Mt. Shasta for a quality zero day.
23 Etna 99.8 mi 5 0 Mail drop time.
24 Seiad Valley 56.8 mi 3 0 Here is the famous Roadhouse bar, the only place that has Dolly Parton AND Mission of Burma in the same record collection. That is a must see.
25 Ashland 64.5 mi 5 1 Zero day in Ashland... Yes please. Plus I can take in some good old Billy Bob. Hey, I'm in Oregon people!!
26 Crater Lake 105.4 mi 7 1 After my longest stretch with no resupply I'll need a rest. Too bad it has to be at Crater Lake; sometimes life is just not fair.
27 Cascade Summit 79.6 mi 4 0 No mail drop.
28 Elk Lake Resort 46.1 mi 2 0 Very small mail drop.
29 Siste 31.0 mi 3 1 This is a nice town, and I figure I'll want to take a zero.
30 Olallie Lake Guard Station 63.7 mi 3 0 Timed mail drop. My resupply person well send it there once I reach Ashland.
31 Government Camp 49.1 mi 2 0 In town resupply
32 Cascade Locks 54.3 mi 4 1 I'll want a rest. Plus this town has everything I'll want.
33 Trout Lake 82.9 mi 4 0 Small town.
34 White Pass 65.2 mi 4 0 Mail drop.
35 Snoqualime Pass 98.6 mi 6 1 This area also has large EG's. I'll want a zero at some point. This is another town with all the things a hiker needs.
36 Skykomish 74.5 mi 4 0 Small store, restaurant, and a cheap motel
37 Stehekin 97.8 mi 7 1 I am almost done. However, I well still want a zero at this town.
38 Manning Park 88.8 mi 4 0 I'm Done!!
Totals:    2658.5 168

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