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Thunder Chubs Long Distance Day Camping
Plan for Thunder Chubs

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# Resupply Location Distance Days Zero
Notes/Mailing Info
1 Many Glacier 38.9 2 0 *Most mileages will round up, picking the larger of Ley or Bear Creek miles.* Many Glacier campstore has resupply. Swiftcurrent motor inn may accept packages from UPS or fedex. call to confirm. 4068922525
2 East Glacier 66.6 3 0 Here you should cal benchmark to give more accurate ETA.406 467 3110 is the Heckmans number. Mail drop or resupply at small grocery or country store.
3 Benchmark 135 6 0 Must send $ 25 holding fee seperate from box. Boxes must be 1ft x 1ft x 1ft or smaller. There are no food or resupply services so "town snacks" should b included.
4 Helena/hwy12 125 5 0 Hitch 15m E to Helena. Major resupply options. potential to resupply yourself down the line from here. 2 Breweries here.
5 Anaconda 91 4 0 (anaconda route subtracts 90m)On this route you will pass Uncle Bucks Bar/ Mile 71 hiking. Its hiker friendly, potential camping, about 10m b4 Anaconda. Albertson's and Safeway resupply at Anaconda.
6 lost trail pass/hwy 93 94.7 4 0 4 hitch options. Sula MT 13m N, Darby MT 31m N. Northfork ID 25m S, Salmon ID 46m S. CDT crosses Hwy 43 at chief joseph pass, Hwy 43 intersects Hwy93 at Lost trail pass. Lost trail pass has better hitch. Darby has best resupply w/ supermarket. Though 3rd saturdaY in july is "loggers days" festival so lodging is likely sold out. Sula is only 13m from Lost trail pass and accepts boxes, no fee. It is suggested if you want to save time/ whole day of travel to get to darby.
7 Bannock Pass/ hwy 29 123 5 0 Leodore 14m W (walk dirt/ poor hitch)There is no ATM, so bring cash. Limited resupply. Need figure out Yellowstone Permit.
8 Interstate 15/ Lima 103.7 4 0 Lima 15m N. Large country store at exxon for resupply. Also Mountain View Motel accepts packages w/out fee. USPS: (name) c/o Mountain View Hotel PO box 277 Lima,MT 58739 ...or... (111 Bailey Street if using UPS) **Important** send Yellowstone data.Permit required.
9 Old faithful 89 4 0 ***Important*** Need to send Yellowstone data before old Faithful. Before this Mac's Inn route provides shorter resupply legs and country stores. Sawtelle resort is 2m north of Mac's Inn. There is BEER at Sawtelle but not at Mac's. You can send box to Mac's but not Sawtelle. Sawtelle has larger chevron/grocery. Old Faithful has two country stores with good resupply, but was noted as expensive. Maildrop to post office. but note this is cash only for services, closed weekends.No camping here, and don't expec
10 Brooks Lake Lodge 99 4 0 This is Togwotee pass, multiple options exist with 10m hitch, Dubois is 28m E of the pass, hard/poor hitch. BLL is On trail. Holds packages, no fee. Nothing else available. UPS only. (name) c/o Brooks Lake Lodge 458 Brooks Lake Road Dubois, WY 82513
11 Pinedale WY 100 4 0 Take either Seneca trail(10.3m) or Pole creek trail(10.8m) to Elkhart Park trailhead. then hitch 15m to Pinedale. Maildrop general delivery to Pinedale WY, 82941 or there is expensive but good resupply *Wind River Brewing*
12 South Pass City/ Atlantic City 85 4 0 South Pass City is on trail. The souvenir shop accepts packages, no fee. There is no resupply here. Send "town snacks". Camping allowed in grass across street from shop, but ask. (name) c/o Friends of South Pass City 125 South Pass Main South Pass City,WY 82520
13 Rawlins Wy 118 5 0 City is spread out so yogi suggests dont maildrop, but stay oak tree inn or days inn and get food at city market supermarket.
14 Encampment 82.7 4 0 At Battle Pass hitch/walk 15m E on Hwy 70. Encampment and Riverside are about a mile apart.resupply is limited but doable. small grocery and a country store. 17m further down road is Saratoga w/ grocery next to motel, noted as better resupply.
15 Steamboat Springs/ Hwy 40 87.3 4 0 Hwy 40 near rabbit ear pass: hitch 20m W. *RMNP loop is 33.7m effectivly only adding 18 walked miles.(bear canisters required to overnight in park)* Suggested to start at visitor center, get town maps and bus schedule(free bus). Possibly do big resupply here for down the road as it is one of the better options. Mohogany Ridge Brewery
16 Grand Lake CO 98.7 4 0 Grey-Torreys Route/Bear creek route. On trail:Touristy with good resupply from grocery markets. Many motels and Shadowcliff hostel.
17 Brekenridge/ hwy 9 131.7 6 0 3.5m W to Brekenridge. free buses between silverthorn/frisco/brekenridge so options open up. Bus routes/schedules at Dam Brewery in Dillon, Backcountry Brewery in Frisco. Brekenridge Brewery.
18 Copper Mountain 11 1 0 on trail. Carry enough food, to go from brek to here, grab 20m of snacks/food because of limited resupply to get you to , but summitstage bus can still take u back to frisco/etc.
19 Leadville 23.2 1 0 at Tenessee pass, hitch 9m S. Safeway resupply.
20 Twin Lakes 34 2 0 On Hwy 82. 1m W on Leys red route, otherwise On Trail.Send Box,indcluding town snacks. General store does not have resupply, but does have beer.
21 Monarch pass/ Hwy 50 117 5 0 San Juan route is around 200m from Hwy50, but resupply options exist at Hwy 149/Spring creek pass(via 100m) or 54-60ish miles travel at Hwy 550/ Molas pass via colorado trail heading west(14 of thoes miles walked/6 hitched) *prob just big haul, like the 240m in the sierra* Salida is 20m NE on Hwy 50. Full resupply at safeway and super walmart
22 Hwy 160/ Wolf creek pass 218.5 9 0 Pagosa springs 25m SW, South Fork 20m NW Pagosa has a good outfitter, supermarkets, cheap motels and ALCO(similar to walmart)
23 Hwy 17/ Cumbres pass/ Chama NM 69.1 3 0 12m hitch South/West on Hwy 17. Large grocery store and family dollar
24 Ghost Ranch 13.9 1 0 ON trail on Ley red route. Very friendly retreat place. Meals, camping, internet, accepts packages no fee, but office closes early(b4 5pm). Include "town snacks". USPS: (name) c/o Ghost Ranch Conference Center HC77, Box 11 Abiquiu, NM 87510 UPS: (name) c/o Ghost Ranch Conference Center Private Drive 1708 US Highway 84 HC 77, Box 11 Abiquiu, NM 87510
25 Cuba 52 2 0 On trail. Saveway grocery store, Family dollar.
26 Grants 30.2 1 0 there are many options between here and the border. Study maps and make a plan. BC includes Chain of Craters. Ley Red includes Sand Canyon and La Ventana Natural Arch. The visitor center near walmart supercenter is very helpful in identifying windmills/h20 that are functioning between grants and pie town. Town is spread out so plan attack b4 arriving. Walmart, family dollar, dollar general, and smiths supermarket. *Review Yogis "grants water cache" page
27 Pie Town 129.5 5 0 Gila River route. No resupply. Maildrop essential, including "town snacks"
28 Doc Cambells 67.3 3 0 check out gila cliff dwellings. Holds packages for $ 3. Very limited resupply but possible to make it to silver city.
29 Silver City 68 3 0 All services, cheap motels, ideal resupply through various supermarkets, dollar stores, and super walmart.
30 Lordsburg NM 58.7 2 0 Good resupply at Grocery and family dollar. Closest airport is El Paso TX. Try Pheonix AZ, or Albuquerque NM for more flight options and cheaper rates
31 Crazy Cook 87.4 4 0 45m b4 this is Hwy 9/ 8m Hitch to Hachita
Totals:    2649.1 114

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