PCT at California/Oregon Border

2018 Postholer PCT Maps

Digitized base map data is generally 1-5 years old. Uniformity across all map pages, colors, fonts, style and units of measure. Land cover shows 10 types and actual location of vegetation. Easy to identify roads, resupply and water locations. Elevation profile on every map page. Learn more.

Halfmile's Old, Scanned Topo Base Maps

Halfmile maps are 40 year old scanned maps. 4 maps 'stitched' together in this case. Mixed unit of measure for contours, some labels are meters and others are in feet! Chaotic colors, fonts and style. The OR/CA border is mis-located where the trail crosses. No latitude/longitude grid, UTM only. Can you even find the trail on this map?

National Geographic has cracked down on 3rd parties printing Halfmile maps as a service. It's copyright infringement. You can no longer have them printed for you. Look at the Halfmile maps, why would you want to?

Current Postholer map

Outdated Halfmile map